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Discover the right passion of your child. Introduce them to the world's best online courses for kids.

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Best Online Courses for Kids
Live Online Sessions

Live Online Sessions

Your kid will learn cool new technologies from the safety of your home

Expert Child-Friendly Mentors

Expert Child-Friendly Mentors

Learn from the best mentors who'll make your child's learning a fun experience

Great After-Class Support

Great After-Class Support

Stuck while doing assignments? Or need help with a doubt? Our expert team is available to help

World's Most Holistic 

Curriculum For Kids

Our programs are designed to for the holistic development of your child. These programs help in identifying and nurturing the passion and interests of a child. These online programs gently introduce kids to different areas like Coding, Designing, Chess, Creative Writing, Music etc.



28 Classes

Program Highlights
Program Highlights

This is a stepping stone to discovering your child's true passion. This program will gently introduce your child to the concepts of coding.

Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes

Kids will learn fundamental coding concepts while building interactive games and mobile apps. 


Kids will see an immediate improvement in creative abilities, decision making, and logical thinking.

Academic Improvements
Academic Improvements

You will notice an improvement in kids attention span never-give-up attitude resulting in better academic performance


Coding Fundamentals
Mobile App Development

CodingHero Adventurer

CodingHero Martian Program


94 Classes

Program Highlights
Program Highlights

Earthling + Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, solve maths problems using programming techniques they have learnt, and introduction to chess.

Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes

Kids will learn concepts powering self-driving cars, Amazon Alexa and other innovative products.


Kids will show significant improvements in problem solving abilities. They will learn to break complex and big problems into smaller parts and solve.

Academic Improvements
Academic Improvements

Kids will start showing significant improvements in Maths and Science


Coding Fundamentals

Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence


CodingHero Discoverer

CodingHero Neptunian Program


110 Classes

Program Highlights
Program Highlights

Martian + Introduction to creative writing, and introduction to India's history and culture. This is our most comprehensive and world's most holistic program to discover your child's true interest and passion.

Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes

Kids will learn key parts of creative writing. They will build their own blog to start publishing their thoughts.


Ability to write well is one of the most important trait of great leader. You will see significant improvement in kids ability to communicate their thoughts. Siginificant iimprovement in their confidence.

Academic Improvements
Academic Improvements

Martian + Significant improvements in language subjects 


Coding Fundamentals

Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence


Creative Writing

CodingHero Pioneer


Chose From Our Individual Courses

Our Courses

CodingHero Language Class

Language Course For Kids

Language skills and creative writing are an essential skill for a successful future. In this program, we teach kids basics of a language of their choice followed by interesting creative writing concepts.

Kids Learn On Tools Developed By

World's Best

When your child enrols in our program, they will work on the tools created by world's best organization. 


CodingHero's Innovative C4C Learning Framework

C4C stands for Curiosity, Creativity, Computation, Communication, and Culture. CodingHero’s proprietary C4C framework puts Curiosity at the center of our learning pedagogy. We believe that curiosity-led learning leads to long-term interest development and retention in kids. 

CodingHero C4C Framework

Why These Are

Best Online Courses For Kids?

When it comes to preparing your child for the future, exposing them to our holistic courses is one of the best options. These courses can help your child develop skills, not only in coding, designing, chess, math and science, but also in critical life skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, organization, and planning.

Code & Design - Kids Who Code, Perform Better in Academics
Improves Creativity

Our online courses instills qualities like the creativity that help kids perform better in school. Kids learn through experimentation, which in turn strengthens their brains, allowing them to find creative solutions to problems

Code & Design - Coding Improves Creativity
Better Academic Performance

Not only Mathematics, but our courses also improves language skills and problems-solving skills leading to an overall better academic performance

Code & Design - Coding Strengthens Maths Performance
Improves Focus, Planning & Organizing Skills

When kids work on projects, they are forced to collaborate, plan & organize their work. They learn these important skills.

Meet Our Mentors

All our mentors go through stringent selection and onboarding process. You can be sure your child is in safe hands.

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress










Aishwarya Roy


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We Respect Your Privacy

Your data is totally safe with us. We will never share your contact details with any third party


Child Friendly Mentors

All our mentors go thru a very stringent selection process. They go thru 4 rounds of interview and our training before they start taking classes


Easy On Pocket

You should not have to break a bank for your child to pursue his/her interest. Our top quality courses start from as low as ₹3500 per month


Create Future Innovators

Kids between the ages of 5 to 15 years are very creative and full of ideas and energy. This creativity and energy should be channelized towards building their future

Turn your child into a


from a Consumer

As your kids start acquiring extra skills and develop their own websites, apps, and games - their confidence in their own abilities will improve significantly. 

CodingHero Game Developer

Main Benefits Of Our Online Courses

Our holistic programs are designed so that kids learn very important life skills. They perform better not only in academics, they also deal better with adverse scenarios

Benefits - Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving Skills

When kids try to learn a new skill, it will throw new and unseen problems at them every day. Over period of time kids will develop generic strategies to solve problems

Benefits - Failure Is Ok

Failure Is Ok

When kids are learning new things, they will fail a lot. But they still keep going, making progress, fixing errors and ultimately achieving success.

Benefits - Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning

When kids have to build a project like app, game or website - they build a step by step approach to achieve that end objective. They decide what's the best approach.

Benefits - Creativity


Learning new skills helps kids develop a creator's mindset and start thinking of themselves as a creator, innovator, and entrepreneur.

Benefits - Algorithmic Thinking

Algorithmic Thinking

Our projects and activities involves multiple small steps to achieve a bigger end goal where they try to minimize and optimize smaller steps learning algorithmic thinking.

Benefits - Team Work

Team Work

When kids work on projects, they learn to collaborate with each others and they grow proud of their hard work

What Parents Are Saying?

CodingHero's coding course for kids is amazing. My 11 year old daughter has not only developed keen interest in coding, she now looks forward to her coding classes. Her approach towards problem-solving has become more structured. The mentors and support team were always helpful. I recommend CodingHero to all the parents.


My son is really enjoying coding classes with CodingHero. He has already learnt how to build a website and is now bubbling with ideas. He is really looking forward to launching his own games and apps. His mentor is well informed and good at explaining concepts to kids. I'm really happy that he joined Codinghero.



Isn't a course like Programming meant for adults?

My kid is too young to learn to code? Think again. Many educators and experts are calling coding as the ‘new literacy’ - a subject so important that every child needs to know the basics to excel in our rapidly changing world. Five- and six- year olds can learn the foundations of coding and computer commands before they can even write and spell words. Our Online Coding Course for Kids starts with programming environment of Scratch where kids learn coding using different color coding blocks and gradually can move to complex text-based programming at later stages in life.

Does a kid require to know computer basics to learn Programming?

Absolutely not! Our Online Coding Courses for Kids do not assume any prior programming knowledge. We start from the very basic and build the foundation.

Is an online coding course effective?

Most of the kids nowadays are exposed to the digital world at a relatively younger age. Online courses allow kids to use technology so as to avail of a more engaging learning experience. Through our online course on coding, we engage kids in many fun-filled and game-oriented activities that make their learning journey to coding a memorable experience. 

Will coding help a kid in her / his school curriculum?

Learning to code prepares kids for the world we live in today. The early children learn to code, the better their chance at success. If we want to set our children up for academic success, every child should learn to code. Coding not only improves their mathematics and writing skills but also gives them valuable skills like critical thinking, logical reasoning, problem-solving in life, and eventually in their career growth.

What are the different online courses CodingHero offers?

We offer 4 programs:
1. Programming Foundation Course For Kids
2. Design Foundation Course For Kids
3. Web & Mobile App Development Course For Kids
4. Artificial Intelligence Foundation Course For Kids

What is the duration of your online coding courses?

The duration of the program is 5 to 6 months depending on the pace at which the child is able to make progress. Our focus is to not just finish the course but to make sure that the child understands and develops an interest in coding.

CodingHero Unfair Advantage

Give your child an Unfair Advantage

Give them skills of the future

Once your child learn to code and design at early age, they will have significant edge over other kids. Learning to code will help them secure a better future.

Learning Resources

For Your Child

Based on our experience of teaching thousands of kids how to code, we have created lots of interesting articles which kids will find fun and interesting. These articles will help develop their interest in coding and creating.

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what are the laws of exponents

Laws of Exponents – Laws, Proofs & Examples

The exponent of a number is a way to show how many times the number is multiplied by itself. We use positive exponents to write very large numbers and negative exponents to write very small

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area of parallelogram

Area of Parallelogram – Formulas & Examples

A parallelogram is a special type of quadrilateral that is formed by parallel lines. In a parallelogram, both pairs of opposite sides are parallel and equal. Like other 2D shapes, there are two types of

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faces edges and vertices

Faces, Edges, Vertices of 3D Shapes – Definitions, Properties & Examples

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