Best Math Board Games for Kids

math board games

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or someone who wants to make learning math more fun, math board games are a great way to engage young minds and reinforce important math concepts. From counting and number recognition to problem-solving and critical thinking, we will discuss some of the best math board games that are not only … Read more

Free Printable Maths Flashcards – PDF Download

Maths Flashcards

Maths flashcards are a valuable tool for students of all ages and levels of mathematical proficiency. They provide an effective way to reinforce key concepts, improve retention and recall, and build confidence in mathematical skills. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using printable maths flashcards and provide tips for making the … Read more

Best Space Movies for Kids

space movies for kids

Humans especially kids are always fascinated by aliens in outer space. The excitement about aliens increases many folds if we talk about them. There are many movies that revolve around their visits to Earth. These movies also spark the imaginations as well as the creativity of kids.  There are many such movies that enhance the … Read more

Equations and Their Graphs Decoded in a Fun Way

Different Types of Coordinate Systems

The picture obtained by plotting all the points of an equation is called the graph of that equation. If there is only one variable in an equation, the graph is on a number line. If there are two variables, the graph is on the coordinate plane (also known as Cartesian Plane). If there are three … Read more

Best Subscription Gift Ideas for Kids

Subscription Gift Ideas For Kids

These days the kids are tech-savvy and most of the time they spend time in front of a screen whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or television. Let’s make their screen time a learning experience by giving them subscriptions where they can learn a lesson or two. Educational subscriptions for kids can be a great … Read more

How To Solve a 3 x 3 Magic Square?

CodingHero - How To Solve a 3 x 3 Magic Square? Magic Square 00

In mathematics, there is one subfield called recreational mathematics which is meant for recreation. It is designed for entertainment rather than rigorous study and application-based professional activity or part of a student’s formal education. This field of mathematics contains maths puzzles and games, such as magic squares that are often attractive to kids. Also, it … Read more