Discover 7 Different Types of Computer Monitors

types of monitor

The term “monitor” is often used synonymously with “computer screen” or “display.” The monitor displays the computer’s user interface and opens programs, allowing the user to interact with the computer, typically using the keyboard and mouse. Most people use computer monitors daily at work and at home. There are various types of monitor. These come … Read more

Different Types of Printers (With Pros & Cons)

different types of printers

When looking at different types of printers, it is important to consider the use to which you will put them. Some types of printers are better for businesses, some for home use, and some for school work. Some types of printers are easier to use than others, and some are faster, or more economical in … Read more

GPU Computing (Explained in Simple Language)

GPU Computing

While GPUs were initially popular with video editing and computer gaming enthusiasts, the rapid growth of cryptocurrencies created a new market. This is because cryptocurrency mining requires thousands of calculations in order to add transactions to a blockchain, which is something that could be profitable with access to a GPU and an inexpensive supply of … Read more

3 Basic Parts of CPU Explained for Kids Advantage

Basic Parts of CPU

Current processors in the market consist of millions of transistors, a CPU is a device that is used in every computer and laptop made today. There are many different CPUs that are being sold today, each one is better than the other and has more features. This introduction will help kids understand CPU basic and … Read more

32 Important Computer Parts Explained

First programming language

Going over the parts of a computer and its functions will help you understand all the vital components that make up a computer. Learning about these parts is not only a good entry point, but it’s also something good to know for curiosity’s sake. Computer Case A computer case, also known as a computer chassis, … Read more

Parallel Processing – 3 Important Architectures Explained

Parallel processing

What Is Parallel Processing? Parallel processing can be described as a class of techniques that enables the system to achieve simultaneous data-processing tasks to increase the computational speed of a computer system. A parallel processing system can carry out simultaneous data-processing to achieve faster execution time. For instance, while an instruction is being processed in … Read more

10 Popular Misunderstood Computer Terms

Misunderstood Computer Terms

The computing devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. have become an integral part of our lives these days. We frequently use terms associated with these devices. There are many such terms that are widely misunderstood. Here we bring you 10 common misunderstood computer terms. 10 Misunderstood Computer Terms 1. Bandwidth Does bandwidth mean “capacity … Read more

10 Standards Organizations That Guide The Technology You Use

Standards Organizations

What is a Standard Organization? A standards organization is an organization whose primary function is developing, coordinating, promulgating, revising, amending, reissuing, interpreting, or otherwise producing technical standards to address the needs of a group of affected adopters. In simple words, it is an organization that works to create uniformity across producers, consumers, government agencies, and … Read more