Properties of Rectangle – Angles, Sides & Diagonals

properties of rectangle

A rectangle is a closed 2D shape with four sides, four angles, and four vertices. It’s a type of quadrilateral and parallelogram whose measure of all angles is $90^{\circ}$. The word ‘rectangle’ starts with the Latin word ‘rectus’, which means ‘right’ or ‘straight’. Let’s understand what are the properties of rectangle with examples. Properties of … Read more

What is Cyclic Quadrilateral – (Definition, Properties, Theorems & Proofs)

CodingHero - What is Cyclic Quadrilateral - (Definition, Properties, Theorems & Proofs) Cyclic Quadrilateral 00

The word ‘cyclic’ comes from the Latin word ‘cyclicus’ or the Greek word ‘kyklikos’, meaning ‘moving in a circle’.  In mathematics, a cyclic quadrilateral is a quadrilateral that has all its four vertices lying on a circle. It is also called an inscribed quadrilateral.  Let’s understand what is cyclic quadrilateral, its properties, and theorems related … Read more

Construction of Quadrilaterals – (Methods, Steps & Examples)

construction of quadrilaterals

A quadrilateral is a closed shape and a type of polygon that has four sides, four vertices, and four angles. It is formed by joining four non-collinear points. The sum of four angles in a quadrilateral is $360^{\circ}$. Let’s understand the construction of quadrilaterals with steps and examples. Construction of Quadrilaterals A quadrilateral is a … Read more

How to Construct a Rhombus Using Compass and Ruler – (Methods, Steps & Examples)

how to construct a rhombus

A rhombus(plural rhombi) is a special type of parallelogram in which opposite sides are parallel and the opposite angles are equal. Also, a rhombus’s sides are equal in length, and the diagonals bisect each other at right angles. These properties are used to construct a rhombus. Let’s understand how to construct a rhombus using a … Read more