School Partner Program

Introduce Coding Classes In Your School. Give Your Kids An Unfair Advantage.

We will take care of Syllabus, Content, Evaluation, and teachers for your coding classes. You sit back and relax!

why teach coding to kids?

There Are Plenty Of Good Reasons

Coding Strengthens Maths Performance

It has been proven that learning to code reinforces math skills, and helps kids visualize abstract concepts in real-world situations.

Coding Improves Creativity

Coding instills qualities like the creativity that help kids perform better in school. When they code, kids learn through experimentation, which in turn strengthens their brains, allowing them to find creative solutions to problems.

Kids Who Code, Perform Better in Academics

Not only mathematics, but coding also improves language skills and problems-solving skills leading to an overall better academic performance.

Coding Teaches Focus, Planning and Organizing Skills

When kids work on coding projects building games and apps, they are forced to plan their work. They have to write down the flow, they have to sketch the design.

why partner with codinghero?

We Have Been Teaching Coding For 6+ Years

We have been teaching Coding, Design and other skills to kids and professionals for more than 6 years. During this period we have taught coding to more than 20,000 people. 

In the process, we have made mistakes, learnt from those mistakes and improved our courses. All of this required massive amount of resources – both in terms of capital and time.

We do not want you to make the same mistakes. We strongly believe, that we now have the best resources and processes available to help you launch coding for your school.

what will codinghero bring?

How Can CodingHero Help?

Partnering with CodingHero comes with immense benefits. We will take care of everything you need to roll out Coding classes in your school.

We will provide the school with syllabus, content, evaluation mechanism, software needed, and will also train your teachers if required.

Detailed Syllabus For Every Grade

We have painstakingly created detailed syllabus for every grade. We understand what parts of coding are difficult for what age. We understand how to make coding fun. And, we’ve put all this experience into our content.

Content As Recommended By MIT & Google

Teaching Coding is very different than teaching other subjects. Coding has to be taught by doing things which excite kids.

Comprehensive Evaluation System

We understand that schools need an evaluation process. That’s why we have designed a detailed process to take care of that.

Regularly Updated and Upgraded Content

Technology changes at really fast pace. New versions are released almost every month. That’s why, we update our content almost every month.

Teach Coding.

Teach ItRight.

Today, those who can produce digital technologies, and not only consume them, will have clear advantage over people who can only consume.

As per McKinsey’s repot, in just 7 years, only 5% of the people will be giving orders to the machines. The remaining 95% will be taking orders from the machines. 

Your children should be in the 5%. But for that, you need to start now.

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Discover How We Make A Difference With Our Approach

Our interactive and fun approach is loved by both – students and parents. Our approach focuses on kids developing a lasting interest in programming and coding.

With our courses, you will see significant improvement in your children’s problem-solving, design, and logical skills. These skills are crucial for academic success later on. Kids’ maths performance will also improve significantly.