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monthlyprogramming foundation courseProgramming Foundation Course For Kids



Suitable for kids who are beginners & just starting to learn programming

web & mobile app developmentWeb & mobile App Development Course For KidsWeb & mobile App Development Course For Kids



Suitable for kids fascinated by mobile apps, mobile games and websites

artificial intelligence foundationArtificial Intelligence Foundation Course For Kids



Suitable for kids fascinated by self-driving cars, robotics and some mathematics

design foundation courseDesign Foundation Course For Kids



Suitable for kids who love cartoons, animations, image editing, etc.

CodingHero - Landing Page – Demo meenalCodingHero - Landing Page – Demo meenal



CodingHero’s coding course for kids is amazing. My 11 year old daughter has not only developed keen interest in coding, she now looks forward to her coding classes. Her approach towards problem-solving has become more structured. The mentors and support team were always helpful. I recommend CodingHero to all the parents.

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