Art Competitions For Kids – 2024

Art Competitions For Kids

Competition is good for a child because it is both fun and pushes the child to learn new things. It is no wonder that participating in competitive sports is beneficial. Apart from math and science contests, there are also very popular art and drawing competitions for kids in 2024 that kids can participate in and … Read more

Terms Used In Digital Art That Every Beginner Should Know

Some artists use materials like paints and brushes to create art. Today, many others also use modern means of exploring creativity, like video technology, television, and computers. This type of art is called digital art. Digital art is work made with digital technology or presented on digital technology. This includes images done completely on computer … Read more

Best Creative Tools for Kids

best creative tools

Kids love to make and create to demonstrate what they’re learning. However, teachers know that the creative process isn’t just about having kids demonstrate what they already know; it’s also about getting children to construct mental models and learn through experience. By making things, they build meaning, work through problems, and acquire new knowledge and … Read more

What is the Golden Ratio – Explained to Kids

Golden Ratio

The first step of the design phase is the schematic design. The schematic design is where the designer gathers information on the project’s needs, style, and wants. While there will never be a one-size-fits-all approach for design, there is a concrete mathematical approach that can help us get one step closer to creating amazing design … Read more

5 Steps in Creative Process

Steps in Creative Process

The nature of creative work has changed drastically over the recent years. Digital media has taken over the conventional ones which were in use for centuries. This has pushed the demand for high-quality content to new heights. As a result, professional creatives and marketers are focusing more on repeatable creation processes for content in order … Read more