Maths Foundation Course For Kids

Maths Course For Kids

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CodingHero’s Online Maths Course for kids between 6-16 years is focused on helping kids develop a solid foundation in Maths. Our focus is to develop interest and curiosity about Maths among kids. The way Maths is being taught at schools and other institutes is the reason why lots of kids develop a fear of Maths. Our mission is to nurture the natural curiosities and aptitude of a child while gently introducing them to fundamental Maths concepts. This course requires no pre-requisites and is a great place for newbies. This course will not only help them build a strong foundation in Maths, it will boost their creative confidence and before you realize, they will be wowing you with their Maths skills. 

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Focus On Fundamental Maths Concepts

We at CodingHero believe in constant reinforcement of the basic concepts thus building child’s confidence and preparing them well for future

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Nurture Kids Natural Curiosities

Let them question you. Let them push your limits. We don’t judge a child based on a correct or incorrect response. Our philosophy – a child that questions is a child interested.

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Gentle and Fun Based Approach

Concepts are introduced and revised using fun/interesting games and activities. We give a lot of real-life situations that a child can relate to.

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Syllabus For Our Maths Course 

What Parents Say About Our Courses

Parents love us! We leave no stone un-turned in making sure that your child gets the best mentors, content, and support they need!

Improved problem-solving. Great support team.

CodingHero’s coding course is amazing. My 11 year old daughter has not only developed keen interest in coding, she now looks forward to her coding classes. Her approach towards problem-solving has become more structured. The mentors and support team were always helpful. Highly recommended.

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Great mentors. Launching own website and games.

My son is really enjoying coding classes with CodingHero. He has already learnt how to build a website and is now bubbling with ideas. He is really looking forward to launching his own games and apps. His mentor is well informed and good at explaining concepts to kids. I’m really happy that he joined Codinghero.

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Pricing Plans

Grades 3rd To 7thGrades 8th To 10th




2 Classes per Week

Total 8 Classes



Half Yearly

2 Classes Per Week

Total 50 Classes

Suitable For Kids Achieving Above 90%



Half Yearly

3 Classes Per Week

Total 75 Classes

Suitable For Kids Achieving Below 90%




3 Classes Per Week

Total 12 Classes




2 Classes per Week

Total 8 Classes



Half Yearly

2 Classes Per Week

Total 50 Classes

Suitable For Kids Achieving Above 90%



Half Yearly

3 Classes Per Week

Total 75 Classes

Suitable For Kids Achieving Below 90%




2 Classes Per Week

Total 8 Classes




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If, for any reason, you don’t like our amazing course, you can get a full refund of your remaining classes after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they’ll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

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Maths Course Details

Our Mentors

Meet Our Mentors

All our mentors go through stringent selection and onboarding process. You can be sure your child is in safe hands.

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Benefits Of Learning Maths For Kids

Multiple research have shown that kids who learn to code learn very important life skills. They perform better not only in academics, they also deal better with adverse scenarios

Failure Is Ok

When kids are learning Maths, they will fail a lot. But they still keep going, making their solutions better, fixing errors and ultimately achieving success.

Logical Reasoning

When kids have to solve a Maths problem or a puzzle – they build a step by step approach to achieve that end objective. They decide what’s the best approach.

Algorithmic Thinking

Maths involves multiple small steps to achieve a bigger end goal where you try to minimize and optimize smaller steps.

Problem Solving Skills

Maths will throw new and unseen problems at your child every day. Over period of time kids will develop generic strategies to solve problems


Learning Maths helps kids develop a creator’s mindset and start thinking of themselves as a creator, innovator, and entrepreneur.

Team Work

When kids work on projects, they learn to collaborate with each others and they grow proud of their hard work

Give your child an Unfair Advantage

Give them skills of the future

Once your child learn coding, maths and design at early age, they will have significant edge over other kids. Learning to code will help them secure a better future.

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