Partner Program

Earn upto INR 40 Lakhs per annum by becoming a CodingHero partner

CodingHero Partner Program lets you make money by using your networking skills. You earn money for every successful referral.

No Fixed Working Hours

No 9 to 5 working hours. You start when you want. You stop when you want. You take the day off when you want.

You Are Your Boss

You always wanted to start your own business. This is your opportunity. Give it your best. Make it big.

No Earning Limits

There are absolutely no upper limit on how much you can earn. More students you add, more you earn.

  1. 1Signup & Get TrainedCodingHero provides top quality courses for kids. We will provide extensive training to you on all our products.
  2. 2Start EnrollingOnce trained you can start identifying students and kids who can benefit from our courses, talk to their parents and start enrolling them.
  3. 3Start EarningFor every successful enrolment, you get a fixed amount. What’s more? You also get very attractive bonus when you achieve certain numbers.

Homemakers & Freelancers

Teachers & Professionals

Insurance Agents

Anyone Else

Who Can Be CodingHero Partner?


Customer Stories

Suchitra – Homemaker

I have been able to earn more than a lakh every month! This is awesome!

Swagata – Teacher

I would highly recommend this to every teacher! This is like helping students and getting paid for it!

Amit – LIC Agent

Last month, I earned more than 2 lakh. Everyone who is well networked and would like to monetize that, should become CodingHero partner!

We will equip you for success. What are you waiting for?

We will provide extensive training and all the material required for you to succeed. 

How Much Will I Earn?

Instance 1




Earning when you add less than 25 subscribers in a month

  • INR 3k for every paid subscriber
  • No bonus




Earning when you add more than 50 subscribers in a month

  • INR 3k for every paid subscriber
  • 50k bonus




Earning when you add between than 26 and 50 subscribers in a month

  • INR 3k for every paid subscriber
  • 25k bonus

Frequently Asked Questions

What infrastructure do I need to become CodingHero partner?

You just need a smartphone and a good internet connection! You should be able to send and receive emails. That’s it! Absolutely nothing else required.

Will I get any training?

Oh, yes! We will provide you extensive training on all our products and services. We will also provide you basic training on communication, objection handling, and convincing. All you need to bring in is a strong desire to be successful.

Can I also add my friend or family member as CodingHero partner?

Yes! You can! When you add your friends and family, you will get 10% of their earnings for first two months as a bonus.

How will I get paid?

At the end of every month, you will raise an invoice. Amount of invoice will be calculated based on your number of admissions and if you are eligible for any bonus. Once you raise an invoice, we will make the payment in 7 working days.

Is CodingHero a trusted and genuine company?

Absolutely! CodingHero has been founded by IIT Bombay and IIT Kharagpur alumni. CodingHero is also funded by some very reputed investors.

I have more questions. Where should I ask?

Glad you are thinking about it seriously. Once you fill the form, you will get a mail and call from us. You can respond to that mail with any follow-up questions you have.