About CodingHero

CodingHero was set up to provide kids with a platform where they can pursue their hobbies and interest.


Every child is gifted and every child is different. They just need someone to help, mentor and motivate them. CodingHero aims to be the platform where they find their mentor and motivation.

CodingHero is the most enthralling new-age platform for online coding classes for kids. Their unique fun and curiosity-based C4C Learning Framework ensures that kids develop a genuine interest in coding. Their rigorous interview process and thorough background checks ensure that only the best teachers are hired. Besides Coding, some of their popular online courses include Design, Chess, Artificial Intelligence, Art & Animation, and Creative Writing.

CodingHero’s engaging, project-based approach ensures that children develop a long-term interest and passion for coding. Even though they provide the best online courses in the market, CodingHero is surprisingly affordable.

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Coding Classes

Beginner Level Chess Syllabus

Chess Classes


Design Classes

Playing Chess Raises Kid’s IQ

AI Classes

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Creative Writing

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CodingHero’s Innovative C4C Learning Framework

C4C stands for Curiosity, Creativity, Computation, Communication, and Culture. CodingHero’s proprietary C4C framework puts Curiosity at the center of our learning pedagogy. We believe that curiosity-led learning leads to long-term interest development and retention in kids. 

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Is CodingHero the right place for your child?

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If you are looking for high-quality online and affordable hobby classes for your child, you cannot find anyone better than CodingHero. That’s our promise.


  • Experienced and trained mentors and teachers
  • We keep our classes fun and make sure kids don’t lose interest 
  • Customised classes as per the level of child
  • Content prepared by highly experienced teachers

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