Coding For Kids – eBook

Coding has helped thousands of kids improve their academic performance!

Find out if your child can benefit from learning to code!

Coding For Kids eBookrekha-chaplot

Rekha C

Teacher & Mother

I was not sure if I should enroll my son into coding classes or not? I wanted to have thorough understanding of what it involves before taking the plunge. This e-book really helped in bringing that clarity!



Mother & Executive

Must read for every parent. Very comprehensive and un-biased. Really helped us decide if wanted our daughters to learn coding or not. Highly recommended! Great job CodingHero! 

Get Answers To All Your Questions Regarding Coding For Kids

This detailed guide is written with only one objective – to give parents all the required information about what is Coding and whether its the right choice for their kids.

What Is Coding?

Get your most fundamental question answered in a language which will make sense to everyone, even if you are not from the technology background 

What Can My Child Do With Coding?

Learning to code opens up a world of endless possibilities for your child. This guide will give you some concrete examples

Which Course Is Right For My Child?

Fine, I’m convinced! But which course should I chose? How do I know if a course is right for my child?

Will Coding Help My Child In Academics?

Multiple research have conclusively proven that learning to code improves academic performance. Not only Math, but other subjects too! Find out more in this guide

What Is The Right Age To Start Learning To Code?

Is my kid too young to start learning to code? Are there age specific courses?

How Much Time Does It Take To Learn Coding?

My child is already very busy with School and other activities. Will he/she have enough time for this? How much time per week will these classes take?

Coding For Kids eBook

Every Child Should Learn To Code!

This does not mean that every child MUST learn to code! We understand that every child is different. That’s why we created this guide. As a parent, we want you to be fully aware of what it involves before you take the plunge.

Why They Recommend Downloading 

Free Coding For Kids eBook

These parents have downloaded this FREE guide and benefited. Now, they recommend that other parents do the same!

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martha Jones


I was really confused about this whole coding thing. This guide really made things easier.

Shawn parker


My daughter really wanted to join coding classes, but I had no clue about the coding since I come from non-tech background. First two pages of this guide and I was totally convinced!

CodingHero - Coding For Kids – eBook

Jessica Sanders


I’ve been seeing so many advertisements about teaching coding to kids. But none were helping me understand what will my son be able to do after he learns coding. That’s when I stumbled across this guide and it really made things easier for me.

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