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What is a Chip in a Computer?


Have you ever wondered what a chip is in a computer? You might have even seen different varieties of chips. What’s the use of a chip inside a computer?

Well a computer chip, also simply called a chip, is a small piece of semiconductor material. Usually made of Silicon, this small piece of hardware runs the entire system. The chip is the location where all the electronic circuits that run your computer are embedded. It’s located in the Mother Board of the CPU.

You might have heard the phrase “The CPU is the brain of the Computer”. Well, this is exactly the reason why it is said so! Without the Mother Board and a chip, a computer is just another piece of plastic!

The chip is generally responsible for maintaining the memory of the computer referred to as RAM and ROM. I’ll talk more about them in my future blogs.

A typical chip area ranges from a few square millimetres to around 600 square millimetres. Containing up to up to 25 million transistors per square millimetre, the chip is the most complicated part of a computer.

Just imagine, a square piece of Silicon that can comfortably fit on on your fingertips. This very piece is responsible for running your computers!  

A typical computer consists of multiple chips. All of them are placed on electronic boards called printed circuit boards.

As transistor components have shrunk, the number per chips have been doubled. Ranging from a few thousand in 1971 to more than one billion, the importance of a chip has really grown.

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