What Are Supercomputers?


We’ve all heard about laptops and computers. But have you heard about Supercomputers? Let’s unlock the mystery.

A supercomputer is nothing but a computer that is thousands of times more powerful than the normal computers we use. They have great speed and large memory. They are made by combining many high-performance computers and then optimizing them further for speed and performance.

So, why do we need supercomputers? Supercomputers are very good at mathematical calculations. Whenever the amount of data is very large and the calculations are complex, supercomputers can perform these calculations in a reasonable amount of time. Normal computers may take weeks, months, or even years to do a task which a supercomputer can do in minutes, hours, or days. 

Hence, some of the common uses of supercomputers are in computation heavy industries. Can you name some of these industries? Weather prediction, oil and gas discovery, artificial intelligence, code-breaking, medicine, etc. Did you know that currently some of the supercomputers are being used for COVID-19 vaccine discovery?

Now that you know a bit about supercomputers, can you find out which is the world’s fastest supercomputer?

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