Best Sports Movies For Kids

We always watch movies that have a fictional storyline and so, sometimes even the struggles are beatified. But in movies like sports movies inspired by real sportspeople, we see the real struggle, real crisis, and a real way of overcoming them, don’t you think kids should know all about these?

These movies are not just meant to entertain them but at the same time are also inspiring and teach the kids different valuable lessons from racial to gender equality and the role of hard work in achieving a dream.

Best Sports Movies For Kids

Here’s a list of some of the best sports movies for kids, all of which are family-friendly and have important life lessons for kids, these are perfect choices.

MovieName & DirectorRating
Chess Books
A League Of Their Own
Penny Marshall
IMDb Rating: 7.3
Rotten Tomatoes: 95%
Chess Books
Angels In The Outfield
William Dear
IMDb Rating: 6.2
Rotten Tomatoes: 83%
Chess Books
Back Of The Net
Louise Alston
IMDb Rating: 5.2
Rotten Tomatoes: 83%
Chess Books
Brewster’s Millions
Walter Hill
IMDb Rating: 6.5
Rotten Tomatoes: 83%
Chess Books
John Lasseter and Joe Ranft
IMDb Rating: 7.2
Rotten Tomatoes: 87.5%

1. A League Of Their Own

Duration2 hours 8 minutes
Directed byPenny Marshall
IMDb Rating7.3
Rotten Tomatoes Rating95%
Release Year1992
CastTom Hanks, Geena Davis, Lori Petty, Rosie O’Donnell, Megan Cavanagh, Tracy Reiner, Bitty Schram, Ann Cusack, Anne Ramsay, Freddie Simpson
AwardsBest Actress, Nominee: Geena Davis
Funniest Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture: Tom Hanks
ACCA Award, Nominee: Best Cast Ensemble
BMI Film Music Award: Hans Zimmer
Dallas-Fort Worth Film Critics Association Awards: Best Picture
Golden Globe Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture: Geena Davis
Hochi Film Awards: Best Foreign Film
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 01

As America’s stock of athletic young men is depleted during World War II, a professional all-female baseball league springs up in the Midwest, funded by publicity-hungry candy maker Walter Harvey (Garry Marshall). Competitive sisters Dottie Hinson (Geena Davis) and Kit Keller (Lori Petty) spar with each other, scout Ernie Capadino (Jon Lovitz), and grumpy has-been coach Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks) on their way to fame.

2. Angels In The Outfield

Duration1 hour 42 minutes
Directed byWilliam Dear
IMDb Rating6.2
Rotten Tomatoes Rating83%
Release Year1994
CastDanny Glover, Brenda Fricker, Tony Danza, Christopher Lloyd, Ben Johnson, Jay O. Sanders, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Milton Davis Jr., Taylor Negron, Tony Longo
AwardsSaturn Award, Nominee: Best Performance by a Younger Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Saturn Award, Nominee: Best Director William Dear
Young Artist Awards, Nominee: Best Performance by an Actor Under Ten in a Motion Picture Milton Davis Jr.
YoungStar Awards: Best Performance by a Young Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 02

Foster kid Roger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) loves the Anaheim Angels, even though they’re the worst team in the major leagues. His estranged dad promises to reunite the family if the Angels make it to the World Series, so Roger decides to ask for some divine help and prays that his favorite team will turn things around. Soon, a real angel named Al (Christopher Lloyd) shows up in response to Roger’s prayers, and Anaheim’s hopeless coach (Danny Glover) is shocked to see his team on a winning streak.

3. Back Of The Net

Duration1 hour 38 minutes
Directed byLouise Alston
IMDb Rating5.2 
Rotten Tomatoes Rating83%
Release Year2019
CastSofia Wylie, Christopher Kirby, Melissa Bonne, Trae Robin, Tiarnie Coupland, Kate Box, Raj Labade, Gemma Chua-Tran, Yasmin Honeychurch, Ashleigh Ross
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 03

The story follows a smart and brainy American girl named Cory, who seeks to spend her semester in a science research program before she accidentally gets on the wrong bus and ends up spending her semester at the Harold Soccer Academy.

4. Brewster’s Millions

Duration1 hour 42 minutes
Directed byWalter Hill
IMDb Rating6.5
Rotten Tomatoes Rating83%
Release Year1985
CastRichard Pryor, John Candy, Lonette McKee, Stephen Collins, Jerry Orbach, Pat Hingle, Tovah Feldshuh, Hume Cronyn, Joe Grifasi, Peter Jason
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 04

After losing his position as a minor-league pitcher, Montgomery Brewster (Richard Pryor) learns his great-uncle has left him 300 million dollars. To inherit it, Brewster must spend 30 million dollars in 30 days under a complicated set of rules that forbid him from donating too much to charity or retaining any new assets when the period is up.

Unable to share details about the will’s odd conditions with anyone, Brewster sets out to spend his money under the stern eye of paralegal Angela Drake (Lonette McKee).

5. Cars

Duration1 hour 57 minutes
Directed byJohn Lasseter and Joe Ranft
IMDb Rating7.2
Rotten Tomatoes Rating87.5%
Release Year2006
CastAnimated Movie
Owen Wilson, Bonnie Hunt, Paul Newman, Larry the Cable Guy, Cheech Marin, Tony Shalhoub, Guido Quaroni, Jenifer Lewis, Paul Dooley, Michael Wallis
AwardsOscar, Nominee: Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song Randy Newman For the song “Our Town”.
Oscar, Nominee: Best Animated Feature Film of the Year John Lasseter
BAFTA Film Award, Nominee: Best Animated Feature Film John Lasseter
Saturn Award: Best Animated Film
Annie Awards: Best Animated Feature
Annie Awards: Best Music in an Animated Feature Production Randy Newman
Annie Awards, Nominee: Best Animated Effects Keith Daniel Klohn
Annie Awards, Nominee: Best Animated Effects Erdem Taylan
Annie Awards, Nominee: Best Character Animation in a Feature Production Carlos Baena
Annie Awards, Nominee: Best Character Animation in a Feature Production Bobby Podesta
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 05

In a world where the towns are peopled with cars, and even the bugs are mini motors, a young ambitious racing car called Lightning McQueen is a star. On his way to an important event, he has to stop in the little town of Radiator Springs after he accidentally damages the road and is forced to repair it. He finds living in a community oddly endearing, making true friends, and beginning to realize there’s more in life than winning.

6. Cool Runnings

Duration1 hour 38 minutes
Directed byJon Turteltaub
IMDb Rating7
Rotten Tomatoes Rating80%
Release Year1993
CastJohn Candy, Leon, Doug E. Doug, Rawle D. Lewis, Malik Yoba, Raymond J. Barry, Peter Outerbridge, Paul Coeur, Larry Gilman, Charles Hyatt
AwardsBMI Film Music Award: Hans ZimmerArtios Award, Nominee: Best Casting for Feature Film, Chemin Sylvia BernardWinner of Golden Screen, GermanyYoung Artist Award, Nominee: Outstanding Family Motion Picture 
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 06

Four Jamaican bobsleighs dream of competing in the Winter Olympics, despite never having seen snow. With the help of a disgraced former champion desperate to redeem himself, the Jamaicans set out to become worthy of Olympic selection, and go all out for glory.

7. Field Of Dreams

Duration1 hour 47 minutes
Directed byPhil Alden Robinson
IMDb Rating7.5
Rotten Tomatoes Rating87.5%
Release Year1989
CastKevin Costner, James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta, Amy Madigan, Gaby Hoffmann, Timothy Busfield, Burt Lancaster, Frank Whaley, Dwier Brown, James Andelin
AwardsOscar, Nominee: Best Picture Lawrence Gordon, Charles Gordon
Oscar, Nominee: Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium Phil Alden Robinson
Oscar, Nominee: Best Music, Original Score James Horner
Felix, Nominee: Best Adapted Screenplay Phil Alden Robinson
Saturn Award, Nominee: Best Writing Phil Alden Robinson, Eddie
Saturn Award, Nominee: Best Edited Feature Film Ian Crafford
Award of the Japanese Academy: Best Foreign Film
Blue Ribbon Award: Best Foreign Language Film Phil Alden Robinson
CFCA Award, Nominee: Best Supporting Actress Amy Madigan
DGA Award, Nominee: Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures Phil Alden Robinson
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 07 1

When Iowa farmer Ray (Kevin Costner) hears a mysterious voice one night in his cornfield saying “If you build it, he will come,” he feels the need to act. Despite taunts of lunacy, Ray builds a baseball diamond on his land, supported by his wife, Annie (Amy Madigan). Afterward, the ghosts of great players start emerging from the crops to play ball, led by “Shoeless” Joe Jackson. But, as Ray learns, this field of dreams is about much more than bringing former baseball greats out to play.

8. Happy Gilmore

Duration1 hour 32 minutes
Directed byDennis Dugan
IMDb Rating7
Rotten Tomatoes Rating85%
Release Year1996
CastAdam Sandler, Christopher McDonald, Julie Bowen, Frances Bay, Carl Weathers, Allen Covert, Robert Smigel, Bob Barker, Richard Kiel, Dennis Dugan
AwardsMTV Movie + TV Awards (1996) MTV Movie Award: Best Fight Adam Sandler, Bob BarkerMTV Movie Award, Nominee Best Comedic Performance: Adam Sandler
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All Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler) has ever wanted is to be a professional hockey player. But he soon discovers he may actually have a talent for playing an entirely different sport: golf. When his grandmother (Frances Bay) learns she is about to lose her home, Happy joins a golf tournament to try and win enough money to buy it for her. With his powerful driving skills and foulmouthed attitude, Happy becomes an unlikely golf hero — much to the chagrin of the well-mannered golf professionals.

9. Ice Princess

Duration1 hour 38 minutes
Directed byTim Fywell
IMDb Rating6
Rotten Tomatoes Rating80%
Release Year2005
CastMichelle Trachtenberg, Kim Cattrall, Trevor Blumas, Joan Cusack, Amy Stewart, Steve Ross, Hayden Panettiere, Kirsten Olson, Jocelyn Lai, Connie Ray
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 09

Casey Carlyle (Michelle Trachtenberg) is supposed to go to Harvard, just like her mother (Joan Cusack). While Casey has the grades to get into her mom’s alma mater, what she really wants to do is pursue her passion: figure skating. Both Casey’s mom and Gen (Hayden Panettiere), the captain of the local team, scoff at the idea of Casey on the ice. But Casey soon finds an unlikely ally, and coach, in Gen’s mom, Tina (Kim Cattrall), a former skater trying to live down mistakes from her past.

10. Invincible

Duration1 hour 45 minutes
Directed byEricson Core
IMDb Rating7
Rotten Tomatoes Rating72%
Release Year2006
CastMark Wahlberg, Greg Kinnear, Elizabeth Banks, Kevin Conway, Michael Rispoli, Kirk Acevedo, Dov Davidoff, Michael Kelly, Sal Darigo, Nicoye Banks
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 10

Lifelong football fan Vince Papale (Mark Wahlberg) sees his wildest dreams come true when he becomes a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. While teaching at his high-school alma mater in Pennsylvania, the 30-year-old gets a chance to try out for his favorite team and, except for kickers, becomes the oldest rookie in NFL history who never played football in college.

11. Karate Kid

Duration2 hours 20 minutes
Directed byHarald Zwart
IMDb Rating7.3
Rotten Tomatoes Rating80%
Release Year2010
CastJaden Smith, Jackie Chan, Taraji P. Henson, Wenwen Han, Rongguang Yu, Zhensu Wu, Zhiheng Wang, Zhenwei Wang, Jared Minns, Shijia Lu
AwardsOscar, Nominee: Best Actor in a Supporting Role Pat Morita
Golden Globe, Nominee: Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture Pat Morita
Young Artist Awards: Best Young Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture Musical, Comedy, Adventure or Drama Elisabeth Shue
Young Artist Award
Best Family Motion Picture – DramaYoung Artist Award, Nominee: Best Young Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Musical, Comedy, Adventure or Drama William Zabka
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 11

Daniel (Ralph Macchio) moves to Southern California with his mother, Lucille (Randee Heller), but quickly finds himself the target of a group of bullies who study karate at the Cobra Kai dojo. 

Fortunately, Daniel befriends Mr. Miyagi (Noriyuki “Pat” Morita), an unassuming repairman who just happens to be a martial arts master himself. Miyagi takes Daniel under his wing, training him in a more compassionate form of karate and preparing him to compete against the brutal Cobra Kai.

12. Little Giants

Duration1 hour 47 minutes
Directed byDuwayne Dunham
IMDb Rating6.4
Rotten Tomatoes Rating80%
Release Year1994
CastRick Moranis, Ed O’Neill, Shawna Waldron, Devon Sawa, Todd Bosley, Michael Zwiener, Danny Pritchett, Troy Simmons, Sam Horrigan, Joey Simmrin
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 12

Ever since childhood, nerdy Danny O’Shea (Rick Moranis) has felt inferior to his brother, Kevin (Ed O’Neill), a former college football star. Danny runs a gas station, while Kevin coaches the local youth football team. When Kevin’s team rejects Danny’s daughter, Becky (Shawna Waldron), because she’s a girl, Becky convinces her dad to start a rival team, though the city can support only one. To prove himself against his brother, Danny begins coaching his team of misfits for a playoff game.

13. Major League

Duration1 hour 47 minutes
Directed byDavid S. Ward
IMDb Rating7.2
Rotten Tomatoes Rating62.5%
Release Year1989
CastTom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernsen, Margaret Whitton, James Gammon, Rene Russo, Wesley Snipes, Charles Cyphers, Chelcie Ross, Dennis Haysbert
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 13

The new owner of the Cleveland Indians, former showgirl Rachel Phelps (Margaret Whitton), has a sweetheart deal to move the team to Miami. But to break the lease with the city of Cleveland, ticket sales have to plummet. So Phelps hires the most incompetent players available, including near-blind pitcher Rick Vaughn (Charlie Sheen) and injury-prone catcher Jake Taylor (Tom Berenger). But her villainous tactics accidentally foster a can-do team spirit, turning the Indians into potential winners.

14. Million Dollar Arm

Duration2 hour 4 minutes
Directed byCraig Gillespie
IMDb Rating7
Rotten Tomatoes Rating70%
Release Year2014
CastJon Hamm, Aasif Mandvi, Alan Arkin, Suraj Sharma, Pitobash, Madhur Mittal, Darshan Jariwala, Lake Bell, Bill Paxton, Gregory Alan Williams
AwardsTruly Moving Picture Award: Craig Gillespie, Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Teen Choice Award, Nominee: Choice Movie
Teen Choice Award, Nominee: Choice Movie Actor Jon Hamm
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 14

In a last-ditch effort to save his career, sports agent J.B. Bernstein (Jon Hamm) plans to find baseball’s next star pitcher. He heads to India to find a cricket player whom he can nurture into a major league star. With the help of a scout (Alan Arkin), J.B. finds teens Dinesh (Madhur Mittal) and Rinku (Suraj Sharma), who haven’t a clue about baseball but throw powerful pitches. As the boys adjust to American life, J.B. learns valuable lessons about teamwork and family.

15. Miracle

Duration2 hours 15 minutes
Directed byGavin O’Connor
IMDb Rating7.4
Rotten Tomatoes Rating81%
Release Year2004
CastKurt Russell, Patricia Clarkson, Nathan West, Noah Emmerich, Sean McCann, Kenneth Welsh, Eddie Cahill, Patrick O’Brien Demsey, Michael Mantenuto, Kenneth Mitchell
AwardsAARP Movies for Grownups Awards: Movies for Grownups Award
AARP Movies for Grownups Awards: Best Intergenerational Film
AARP Movies for Grownups Awards, Nominee: Best Actor Kurt Russell
Critics Choice Awards, Nominee: Best Family Film (Live Action)
ESPY Awards: Best Sports Movie
Golden Trailer Awards, Nominee: Best Animation/Family For “Hopes”.
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 15

When college coach Herb Brooks (Kurt Russell) is hired to helm the 1980 U.S. men’s Olympic hockey team, he brings a unique and brash style to the ice. After assembling a team of hot-headed college all-stars, who are humiliated in an early match, Brooks unites his squad against a common foe, the heavily-favored Soviet team. As the U.S. squad tries to overcome insurmountable odds and win the gold medal, the team becomes a microcosm of American patriotism during the Cold War.

16. Real Steel

Duration2 hours 7 minutes
Directed byShawn Levy
IMDb Rating7
Rotten Tomatoes Rating75%
Release Year2011
CastHugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly, Dakota Goyo, Anthony Mackie, Kevin Durand, Hope Davis, James Rebhorn, Karl Yune, Olga Fonda, John Gatins
AwardsOscar, Nominee: Best Achievement in Visual Effects Erik Nash, John Rosengrant, Danny Gordon Taylor, Swen Gillberg
Saturn Award, Nominee: Best Performance by a Younger Actor Dakota Goyo
BMI Film & TV Awards
BMI Film Music Award: Film Music Danny Elfman
Golden Trailer Awards, Nominee: Most Original TV Spot
Golden Trailer Awards, Nominee: DreamWorks
Golden Trailer Awards, Nominee: The Ant Farm
International Film Music Critics Award (IFMCA), Nominee: Best Original Score for an Action/Adventure/Thriller Film Danny ElfmanI
FMCA Award, Nominee: Film Music Composition of the Year Danny Elfman, Young Artist Award: Best Performance in a Feature Film – Leading Young Actor Dakota Goyo
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 16

Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman) used to be a prizefighter but lost his chance to win a title when heavy, towering robots took over the boxing ring. Now working as a small-time promoter, Charlie pieces together scrap metal into low-end fighters, barely earning enough to make it from one underground venue to the next. After hitting rock bottom, Charlie reluctantly teams up with his estranged son, Max (Dakota Goyo), to build and train a championship robot for a last shot at redemption.

17. Remember The Titans

Duration1 hour 53 minutes
Directed byBoaz Yakin
IMDb Rating7.8
Rotten Tomatoes Rating70%
Release Year2000
CastDenzel Washington, Will Patton, Wood Harris, Ryan Hurst, Donald Faison, Craig Kirkwood, Ethan Suplee, Kip Pardue, Hayden Panettiere, Nicole Ari Parker
AwardsSilver Angel Award, Nominee: Feature Film
BET Award: Best Actor Denzel WashingtonBlack Reel: Theatrical – Best Actor Denzel Washington
Black Reel, Nominee: Best Film
Blockbuster Entertainment Award, Nominee: Favorite Actor – Drama Denzel Washington
Blockbuster Entertainment Award, Nominee: Favorite Supporting Actor – Drama Wood Harris
BMI Film & TV Awards: Trevor Rabin
Casting Society of America, Nominee: Best Casting for Feature Film, Drama Ronna Kress
Christopher Awards: Feature Films Boaz Yakin
Golden Moon Award, Nominee: Best Film Boaz Yakin
Image Awards (NAACP): Outstanding Motion Picture
Image Awards (NAACP): Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture Denzel Washington
Image Award, Nominee: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Wood Harris
Image Award, Nominee: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture Nicole Ari Parker
Image Award, Nominee: Outstanding Youth Actor/Actress Krysten Leigh Jones
Sierra Award, Nominee: Best Male Newcomer, Kip Pardue
Sierra Award, Nominee: Youth in Film Hayden Panettiere For Dinosaur
Golden Reel Award, Nominee
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 17

In Virginia, high school football is a way of life, an institution revered, each game celebrated more lavishly than Christmas, each playoff distinguished more grandly than any national holiday. And with such recognition, comes powerful emotions. In 1971 high school football was everything to the people of Alexandria. But when the local school board was forced to integrate an all-black school with an all-white school, the very foundation of football’s great tradition was put to the test.

18. Rookie Of The Year

Duration1 hour 43 minutes
Directed byDaniel Stern
IMDb Rating6.1
Rotten Tomatoes Rating80%
Release Year1993
CastThomas Ian Nicholas, Gary Busey, Albert Hall, Amy Morton, Dan Hedaya, Bruce Altman, Eddie Bracken, Robert Hy Gorman, Patrick LaBrecque, Daniel Stern
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 18

A freak accident causes 12-year-old Little League player Henry (Thomas Ian Nicholas) to become such a powerful and accurate pitcher that the Chicago Cubs sign the junior high student to a contract. Unprepared for such a high-pressure environment, Henry falters until aging fastballer Chet Steadman (Gary Busey) takes him under his wing and teaches him how to play in the big leagues. Meanwhile, his mother’s venal boyfriend (Bruce Altman) tries to sell Henry’s contract to a hated opposing team.

19. Rudy

Duration1 hour 54 minutes
Directed byDavid Anspaugh
IMDb Rating7.5
Rotten Tomatoes Rating78%
Release Year1993
CastSean Astin, Jon Favreau, Ned Beatty, Greta Lind, Scott Benjaminson, Mary Ann Thebus, Charles S. Dutton, Lili Taylor, Christopher Reed, Deborah Wittenberg
AwardsChristopher Awards: Robert N. Fried
Studio Crystal Heart Award: David Anspaugh, Angelo Pizzo
Young Artist Award, Nominee: Outstanding Family Motion Picture – Action/Adventure
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 19

Rudy Ruettiger (Sean Astin) wants to play football at the University of Notre Dame but has neither the money for tuition nor the grades to qualify for a scholarship. Rudy redoubles his efforts to get out of the steel mill where his father works when his best friend (Christopher Reed) dies in an accident there. Overcoming his dyslexia thanks to his friend and tutor, D-Bob (Jon Favreau), Rudy gains admission to Notre Dame and begins to fight his way onto the school’s fabled football team.

20. Searching For Bobby Fischer

Duration1 hour 49 minutes
Directed bySteven Zaillian
IMDb Rating7.4
Rotten Tomatoes Rating80%
Release Year1993
CastJoe Mantegna, Ben Kingsley, Max Pomeranc, Joan Allen, Laurence Fishburne, Michael Nirenberg, Robert Stephens, David Paymer, Hal Scardino, Vasek Simek
AwardsOscar, Nominee: Best Cinematography Conrad L. Hall
Felix, Nominee: Best Cinematography Conrad L. Hall
Camerimage Bronze Frog: Conrad L. Hall
Camerimage Golden Frog, Nominee: Conrad L. Hall
Artios Award, Nominee: Best Casting for Feature Film, Drama Avy Kaufman
CFCA Award, Nominee: Best Screenplay Steven Zaillian
Humanitas Prize: Best New Filmmaker Steven Zaillian
Tokyo International Film Festival: Special Jury Prize Steven Zaillian
Tokyo International Film Festival: Special Mention Steven Zaillian
Tokyo International Film Festival: Tokyo Grand Prix, Nominee Steven Zaillian
USC Scripter Award, Nominee: Fred Waitzkin (author), Steven Zaillian (screenwriter)
Young Artist Award, Nominee: Outstanding Family Motion Picture – Drama
Young Artist Award, Nominee: Best Actor Under Ten in a Motion Picture Max Pomeranc
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 20

After he beats his dad (Joe Mantegna) in a chess match, Josh Waitzkin (Max Pomeranc), a 7-year-old, gets noticed for his talent. He becomes interested in speed chess at the park and learns the game from a hustler named Vinnie (Laurence Fishburne). However, Josh’s parents invest in the services of Bruce (Ben Kingsley), a famous coach who has very different practices. Between Bruce’s methods and the stress of the competitions, Josh learns that even a chess prodigy cannot make all the right moves.

21. Secretariat

Duration2 hours 3 minutes
Directed byRandall Wallace
IMDb Rating7.2
Rotten Tomatoes Rating60%
Release Year2010
CastDiane Lane, John Malkovich, Margo Martindale, Nelsan Ellis, Dylan Walsh, Otto Thorwarth, Fred Thompson, James Cromwell, Scott Glenn, Michael Harding
AwardsMovies for Grownups Award: Best Supporting Actor John Malkovich
Christopher Award: Feature Film, Randall Wallace, Mark Ciardi, Gordon Gray, Bill Johnson, Mike Rich, Mayhem Pictures, Walt Disney Productions
ESPY Awards, Nominee: Best Sports Movie
Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards, Nominee: Best Live Action Family Film
Women’s Image Network Awards: Actress Feature Film Diane Lane
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 21

Despite her lack of experience, housewife, and mother Penny Chenery (Diane Lane) agrees to take over management of the family Thoroughbred farm after her father (Scott Glenn) becomes ill. Successfully navigating her way through the male-dominated world of horse racing, Chenery, together with veteran trainer Lucien Laurin (John Malkovich), fosters a gifted colt that ultimately crosses the finish line into history as the Triple Crown winner in 1973.

22. Space Jam

Duration1 hour 28 minutes
Directed byJoe Pytka
IMDb Rating6.5
Rotten Tomatoes Rating80%
Release Year1996
CastMichael Jordan, Wayne Knight, Theresa Randle, Manner Washington, Eric Gordon, Penny Bae Bridges, Brandon Hammond, Larry Bird, Bill Murray, Thom Barry
AwardsAnnie Awards: Best Individual Achievement: Technical Achievement, Uli Meyer Features (animation), Charles Gammage Animation (animation), Rees/Leiva Productions (animation), Spaff Animation (animation)
Annie Awards, Nominee: Best Animated Feature Uli Meyer Features (animation), Charles Gammage Animation (animation), Rees/Leiva Productions (animation), Spaff Animation (animation), Courtside Seats Productions, Northern Lights Entertainment
Annie Awards, Nominee: Best Individual Achievement: Directing in a Feature Production Bruce W. Smith, Tony Cervone
Best Individual Achievement: Producing in a Feature Production Ron Tippe
ASCAP Award: Most Performed Songs from Motion Pictures Diane Warren
Golden Reel Award, Nominee: Best Sound Editing – Feature Film Mark A. Mangini, Warner Brothers Entertainment
Young Artist Award, Nominee: Best Family Feature – Animation or Special Effects
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 22

Swackhammer (Danny DeVito), an evil alien theme park owner, needs a new attraction at Moron Mountain. When his gang, the Nerdlucks, heads to Earth to kidnap Bugs Bunny (Billy West) and the Looney Tunes, Bugs challenges them to a basketball game to determine their fate. The aliens agree, but they steal the powers of NBA basketball players, including Larry Bird (Larry Bird) and Charles Barkley (Charles Barkley) — so Bugs gets some help from superstar Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan).

23. Surf’s Up

Duration1 hour 25 minutes
Directed byAsh Brannon and Chris Buck
IMDb Rating6.7
Rotten Tomatoes Rating79%
Release Year2007
CastShia LaBeouf, Zooey Deschanel, Jon Heder, Jeff Bridges, James Woods, Diedrich Bader, Mario Cantone, Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, Selema Masekela
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 23

Surfing means everything to teenage penguin Cody Maverick (Benoît Brière). Followed by a documentary film crew, he leaves his home in Antarctica for Pen Gu Island, the site of the Big Z Memorial Surf Off. Cody wants to be respected and admired, and he believes that winning the competition will bring him what he craves. However, an encounter with washed-up surfer Geek (Mariloup Wolfe) teaches Cody about what is truly important.

24. The Big Green

Duration1 hour 40 minutes
Directed byHolly Goldberg Sloan
IMDb Rating5.5
Rotten Tomatoes Rating55%
Release Year1995
CastSteve Guttenberg, Olivia d’Abo, Jay O. Sanders, John Terry, Chauncey Leopardi, Patrick Renna, Billy L. Sullivan, Yareli Arizmendi, Bug Hall, Jessica Robertson
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 24

Fresh from England on a foreign exchange program, teacher Miss Anna (Olivia d’Abo) arrives in a small Texas town where the local students don’t have much to be happy about. Determined to boost their spirits, Anna forms a soccer team, hoping the sport will help them out of their funk. But, since they’ve never played before, she has her work cut out for her. She hopes that, with her assistant coach, Sheriff Tom (Steve Guttenberg), she might have a chance to turn their lives around.

25. The Blind Side

Duration2 hours 9 minutes
Directed byJohn Lee Hancock
IMDb Rating7.6
Rotten Tomatoes Rating66%
Release Year2009
CastQuinton Aaron, Sandra Bullock, Tim McGraw, Jae Head, Lily Collins, Ray McKinnon, Kim Dickens, Adriane Lenox, Kathy Bates, Catherine Dyer
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 25

Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), a homeless black teen, has drifted in and out of the school system for years. Then Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) and her husband, Sean (Tim McGraw), take him in. The Tuohys eventually become Michael’s legal guardians, transforming both his life and theirs. Michael’s tremendous size and protective instincts make him a formidable force on the gridiron, and with help from his new family and devoted tutor, he realizes his potential as a student and football player.

26. The Express

Duration2 hour 10 minutes
Directed byGary Fleder
IMDb Rating7.2
Rotten Tomatoes Rating62%
Release Year2008
CastRob Brown, Dennis Quaid, Clancy Brown, Darrin Dewitt Henson, Omar Benson Miller, Nelsan Ellis, Charles S. Dutton, Justin Martin, Justin Jones, Nicole Beharie
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 26

Born into poverty, Ernie Davis (Rob Brown) overcomes many obstacles to get into Syracuse University’s football program. Under the guidance of Coach Ben Schwartzwalder (Dennis Quaid), Davis becomes one of the school’s best players, even surpassing Jim Brown’s achievements. In 1961 Davis becomes the first black player to win the Heisman Trophy, but there is one more obstacle in his life that he must overcome.

27. The Mighty Ducks

Duration1 hour 44 minutes
Directed byStephen Herek
IMDb Rating6.5
Rotten Tomatoes Rating87%
Release Year1992
CastEmilio Estevez, Joss Ackland, Lane Smith, Heidi Kling, Josef Sommer, Joshua Jackson, Elden Henson, Shaun Weiss, M.C. Gainey, Matt Doherty
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 27

After reckless young lawyer Gordon Bombay (Emilio Estevez) gets arrested for drunk driving, he must coach a kids hockey team for his community service. Gordon has experience on the ice but isn’t eager to return to hockey, a point hit home by his tense dealings with his own former coach, Jack Reilly (Lane Smith). The reluctant Gordon eventually grows to appreciate his team, which includes promising young Charlie Conway (Joshua Jackson), and leads them to take on Reilly’s tough players.

28. The Natural

Duration2 hours 18 minutes
Directed byBarry Levinson
IMDb Rating7.4
Rotten Tomatoes Rating83%
Release Year1984
CastRobert Redford, Robert Duvall, Glenn Close, Kim Basinger, Wilford Brimley, Barbara Hershey, Robert Prosky, Richard Farnsworth, Joe Don Baker, John Finnegan
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 28

On the way to a tryout with the Chicago Cubs, young baseball phenom Roy Hobbs (Robert Redford) is shot by the unstable Harriet Bird (Barbara Hershey). After 16 years, Hobbs returns to pro baseball as a rookie for the last-place New York Knights. Despite early arguments with his manager, Pop Fisher (Wilford Brimley), Hobbs becomes one of the best players in the league, and the Knights start winning. But this upsets the Judge (Robert Prosky), their owner, who wants Hobbs to lose games, not win.

29. The Rookie

Duration2 hours 7 minutes
Directed byJohn Lee Hancock
IMDb Rating6.9
Rotten Tomatoes Rating84%
Release Year2002
CastDennis Quaid, JD Evermore, Rachel Griffiths, Jay Hernandez, Beth Grant, Angus T. Jones, Brian Cox, Rick Gonzalez, Chad Lindberg, Angelo Spizzirri
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 29

A true story about a coach who discovers that it’s never too late for dreams to come true. Jim Morris (Dennis Quaid) never made it out of the minor leagues before a shoulder injury ended his pitching career twelve years ago. Now a married-with-children high-school chemistry teacher and baseball coach in Texas, Jim’s team makes a deal with him: if they win the district championship, Jim will try out with a major-league organization.

30. The Waterboy

Duration1 hour 30 minutes
Directed byFrank Coraci
IMDb Rating6.1
Rotten Tomatoes Rating62.5%
Release Year1998
CastAdam Sandler, Kathy Bates, Henry Winkler, Fairuza Balk, Jerry Reed, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Blake Clark, Peter Dante, Jonathan Loughran, Al Whiting
CodingHero - Best Sports Movies For Kids Best Sports Movies 30

Raised by his overprotective mother, Helen (Kathy Bates), Bobby Boucher Jr. (Adam Sandler) is the water boy for a successful college football team coached by Red Beaulieu (Jerry Reed). When Beaulieu fires Bobby, he takes up the same position for a losing rival team, led by despairing Coach Klein (Henry Winkler). After witnessing Bobby beat up a player who teased him too much, Klein adds him to the roster as a linebacker. Soon, Klein’s players are championship contenders.


Which is the most popular sports movie for kids?

Some of the most popular sports movies for kids are Angels In The Outfield, Back Of The Net, Field Of Dreams, Ice Princess, Karate Kid, Little Giants, and Million Dollar Arm.

What are kid-friendly movies called?

A children’s film, or family film, is a film genre that contains children or relates to them in the context of home and family. The new rating system began with four categories: G (general audiences), M (mature audiences, changed in 1969 to PG, parental guidance suggested), R (restricted, no children under 17 allowed without parents or adult guardians), and X (no one under 17 admitted).


We hope you enjoyed our article about the best sports movies for kids! These sports movies are inspiring, wonderful, and family-oriented which shows the process behind the word “success”. We hope this guide was able to help you narrow down your choices.

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