Scratch – Best Tool For Kids To Learn Coding

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Today we are living in a digital age. Coding is a basic literacy in this age, and it is important for kids to use and learn the technology around them. Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future. Coding helps children with communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence. There are various online platforms that help kids learn to code. In this article, we will look into Scratch programming kids way of coding.

Kids as young as 6 years of age can start coding and learning programming basics. To help the kids at such a tender age block-based programming languages are available. Block-based programming language for kids is most suitable to enter the world of programming.

What is Block-Based Programming Language?

As opposed to text-based programming, block-based programming refers to a programming language that replaces executable statements into modular portions called blocks. These blocks are generally represented by icons that can be clicked and dragged to reorder them. Such an approach is also known as the drag and drop programming approach.

Editable fields, like drop-down menus, allow users to provide further input. This graphical representation of the code can demonstrate the process to new users who may be unfamiliar with programming. 

Because of its drag and drop approach these types of coding languages are best suited for kids. There are many such languages available online. One of the most popular block-based programming languages is Scratch.

Scratch Programming Kids Way of Coding

Scratch is a visual programming language (block-based programming language) developed by MIT that is mainly used by children, all over the globe. This visual language is in the shape of blocks, and it allows its users to create online projects, games, apps, and many other things. Scratch is available online and can run within a modern web browser or downloaded as an app.

Why Scratch is a Perfect Programming Language for Kids?

If your child loves games, apps, and animations, then scratch coding is definitely the perfect one. Scratch for kids is a learning experience that is fun and exciting. Therefore, this helps them get over their fear of science, and instead, embrace it fully. You can show your child the useful side of technology through such courses, and make STEM more interesting for your children. So, let us take a look at the advantages of teaching scratch coding for kids!

programming language for kids

1. Scratch is Easy to Learn

It is easy because all a young coder needs to do is drag and drops the blocks in the order that the child desires. The order of the blocks is the order in which the code will be executed by the computer. 

To further assist the kid in coding, the shape of each block already hints to the child how and when she/he can use each block. If there is a groove on top or below, other blocks can connect using that groove. If there are no grooves, then no connection is possible to that part of the block. 

The colours of the blocks also help kids associate certain blocks with certain computing concepts.

2. Scratch is a Fun and Creative

It’s fun for kids because any code can be immediately executed in real-time within the same interface. There is a stage included along with the coding area where all the action happens.

Scratch for kids allows children to think outside the box and fully express themselves. It comes with adorable and endearing sprites which will capture the imagination of any child. They can make the sprites talk, dance, laugh or sing – the possibilities are endless!

3. Scratch Builds Fundamental Logic and Analytical Skills

If you want your child to be a pro-level programmer, or even just develop their mind in that way, Scratch is a great starting point. It usually doesn’t take long for kids to hit their first logic roadblock.  Overcoming those obstacles is one of the most important attributes of being a pro coder, and Scratch gives you good practice.

4. Scratch is Visually Appealing

Getting your kid interested in programming isn’t an issue with Scratch, as it is incredibly pleasing to look at. It allows children to visualize their coding, making the entire process more enjoyable and memorable.

programming language for kids

5. Scratch is Highly Accessible

Anyone all over the world can use Scratch as it is available online. One of its benefits being a pre-programmed programming language is that it can be translated into any language. All anyone needs is an Internet connection (pr Scratch desktop) and you can create projects.

6. Great Hardware Extensions

The fact that you can run motors and other hardware sensors off Scratch is a huge game-changer. Several companies create hardware sets that integrate with Scratch to create cool projects. For instance, Microbit and Makey-Makey allow children to design and create their game controllers. So, basically, they can create a full-on video game (like Super Nintendo) in Scratch!

programming language for kids

7. Scratch Has a Large Online Global Community

The Scratch Online Community is a community of Scratchers who use Scratch. It is an opportunity to communicate, work, and interact with others on Scratch. Created with a smaller number of members in 2007, the community has since grown immensely, comprising over 51 million registered users and continuing to grow.

8. Scratch Programming is Robust

It’s robust because as a programming language, Scratch not only has rich and engaging features but it very strongly mimics how full-featured, full-syntax languages like Python, JavaScript, and Java work. Scratch 3.0 is made using JavaScript and HTML in a collaboration between MIT Media Lab and Google.

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