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My Child Wants to be a Computer Scientist! How Can I Help?


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So your kid told you that they want to be a computer scientist. As excited as you might be for them, we also know that there are a hundred questions running through your mind. The most prominent being, “How do I support my kid’s interest?”.

How to get started in Computer Science?

Supporting your child’s interest in computer science isn’t rocket science. Here are some simple and effective ways to encourage your child’s passion.

Making Learning Fun

There are plenty of ways to learn other than just burying your nose in books. Computer programming can be quite an intimidating subject even for kids who are interested in the subject. If you want to encourage your kid’s interest, we suggest making learning a fun experience for them. There are numerous programming apps and games available in the market that teach the basics of programming. These tools help ease your kids into the world of programming and computer science.

CodingHero - My Child Wants to be a Computer Scientist! How Can I Help? MakingLearningFun

Watch Documentaries and Movies

The world of computer science and programming is vast, exciting, and magical. Introduce your kids to the enchanting world of computer science through intriguing documentaries and movies. There are numerous movies and documentaries that depict the use of computer programming. These videos depict the importance and usefulness of technology and computer science in everyday life. It is one of the best ways to open up your child’s brain to the world of computer science application in the real world.

CodingHero - My Child Wants to be a Computer Scientist! How Can I Help? ScienceDocumentaries

Get Them Toys

Gone are the days when toys were just a source of entertainment for kids. Now toys not only act as a tool of entertainment but they are also educational. Encourage your child’s computer science interest with some educational toys. From robots to board games, there are a variety of programming toys for kids. These toys are the best way to make playtime both fun and educational. The right toy can also help your kids build on their coding skills.

How to get started in computer science

Help Them Build a Schedule

A good schedule is imperative when it comes to studying. Unfortunately, kids usually aren’t focused enough to make or stick to a schedule and that’s where parenting comes into play. Sit down with your kid and create a study schedule together. Focus on creating a schedule that works for your child with sufficient breaks in between. Spare at least 20-30 minutes in the schedule to learn about computer science, apart from their regular homework and lessons.

CodingHero - My Child Wants to be a Computer Scientist! How Can I Help? ScienceSchedule

Enrol Them in Programming Courses

If you think that your child has a serious interest in programming, it is time to enrol them in a course. There is a myriad of programming courses available in the market designed solely for kids. These courses do a splendid job in teaching the basics of coding and computer science to kids in terms they will understand. We suggest starting off with a basic course and then move on to learning a programming language. These courses are available online and they come with tests and exercises that evaluate your child’s knowledge and skills. CodingHero’s Programming Foundation Course is a great place to start.

Indulge in Fun Educational Activities With Them

One of the best ways to support someone is by indulging in their interests. This does not mean that you take programming courses or learn how to code. Something as simple as playing fun games with your kids can go a long way in validating your child’s interest in programming. Alternatively, you can also brush up on basic computer science terms so that you can converse with them about their passions.

Ensure There is a Balance

Balance is the key to a good life and the same is applicable to kids. It is easy for a child to get excited about something, put in all their efforts, and burn out. Ensuring that your child gets ample rest and playtime is one way to avoid burn-outs. Let your kids know that they always have a safe and non-judgemental space with you if they ever want to talk about their struggles or issues. This will not only help support their interests but also improves your relationship with them.

Which one of these steps appealed to you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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