Ms. Kinnari Kotecha : Teaching Is The Most Creative Job

What do you love about teaching?

You plant a seed and see it grow, flourish everyday. Some of them need more care and nurturing but every time you see a new shoot of leaves it gives an amazing sense of happiness and accomplishment. That’s exactly what I love about being a teacher. It’s one of the most creative jobs – you create your own environment, learning, experiences, inspire and grow every single day. It’s a job where you celebrate life everyday.

Tell us about some of your achievements

I joined the education community with a goal of revolutionizing the curriculum to meet learning needs of the child, with unique pedagogy. With a single aim to help in making the students future ready with well-equipped skill sets and balanced emotional and social intelligence. With an essential element of well-being, exercise their freedom of life and experience happiness. 

I have worked on various curriculum projects to integrate these skills in the system of education, with Indian curriculum schools to International ones.

I have also conducted teachers training programs in India for and UAE to spread the ideology and technique to do the same. I also believe to impart learning you should constantly learn and hence accomplished my certification from institutes like HarvardX and Microsoft Expert which offer specialized programs. I am also pursuing my research from University in the UK.

Tell us about some of the challenges you face in your job

Teaching in Multicultural environment is an enriching experience but at the same time challenging. As a teacher you need to accept the role of linguistic and cultural diversity in students lives, understand that exposure to history is non-identical and sometimes even contrast and hence beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors are highly different. That’s where being flexible becomes imperative for the teacher.

Work with passion and make it a happy place for you and your learners.

Ms. Kinnari Kotecha

What inspires you?

The change I see, the impact I make, the love I get, everything is inspiring. I am a highly self motivated person as I have this big goal to go and revolutionize the concept of education and schooling and make it a place of skill ready, happy, well balanced individuals.

What would you like to tell someone who is new or trying to be a teacher?

Your repo matters more than your knowledge. Work with passion and make it a happy place for you and your learners.

Any interesting stories you’d like to share with our readers?

Lot of stories, honestly. This was during my first year of teaching. I was teaching IGCSE business and economics and students get to select the subject specialization.

According to the trend at that time in India, high scoring students opted for Sciences then commerce subject. I had a student who would sit in my class during his P.E. class (as he had medical difficulty at that time) or any free time. He would search which class I am in and just would take permission and attend, have lots of discussions later on the same.

At a point he fell in love with the subject. Just before final submission of exam registration he changed his subject to economics and business. I was asked to give surety that student would learn two years curriculum in remaining time and score A+ as that was a criteria on which parent had permitted the child to change subject.

And yes we did it. What’s great about this is he pursued a Master in economics from London school of economics and then PhD in same.

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