Factoring Worksheets For Grade 5

Welcome to the world of factoring! Our Factoring Worksheets for Grade 5 are designed to help students develop a solid understanding of this essential concept in mathematics. With our printable worksheets, students will gain valuable skills in factoring numbers and exploring the properties of factors and multiples.

Download the Printable Factoring Worksheets

Click here to access the printable Factoring Worksheets for Grade 5. These worksheets are thoughtfully designed to engage students in meaningful practice and exploration of factoring. With clear instructions, varied exercises, and colorful visuals, this downloadable resource will make learning factoring an enjoyable experience.

  • List All Factors of a Number
  • Factoring Numbers to Prime Factors (2 – 100)
  • Factoring Numbers to Prime Factors (2 – 500)

List All Factors of a Number

Below are our grade 5 factoring worksheets on listing factors of numbers.

Factoring Numbers to Prime Factors (2 – 100)

Below are our grade 5 factoring worksheets on listing prime factors of numbers from 2 to 100.

Factoring Numbers to Prime Factors (2 – 500)

Below are our grade 5 factoring worksheets on listing prime factors of numbers from 2 to 500.

Factoring Worksheets Benefits

Our Factoring Worksheets offer several benefits for Grade 5 students. Here are the key advantages:

  1. Conceptual Understanding: The worksheets focus on building a strong conceptual foundation of factoring. Through a variety of exercises and examples, students will grasp the underlying principles and relationships between factors and multiples.
  2. Problem-Solving Skills: Factoring problems require students to think critically and apply problem-solving strategies. By working through diverse exercises, students will enhance their analytical thinking, logical reasoning, and decision-making abilities.
  3. Number Sense: Factoring enhances students’ number sense by allowing them to recognize patterns, identify prime and composite numbers, and understand the relationship between factors and multiples.
  4. Divisibility Rules: Knowledge of factoring helps students apply divisibility rules, simplifying calculations and enabling them to solve related problems more efficiently.

Why Students Must Know the Concept of Factoring

Proficiency in factoring is crucial for Grade 5 students. Here’s why it’s important:

  1. Simplifying Fractions: Understanding factoring helps students simplify fractions to their lowest terms, making calculations easier and more efficient.
  2. Prime Factorization: Factoring involves breaking down numbers into their prime factors, providing a solid foundation for various mathematical concepts such as finding the greatest common factor (GCF) and the least common multiple (LCM).
  3. Divisibility and Factors: Knowledge of factoring enables students to determine divisibility and identify factors, which is essential in solving problems involving multiples, fractions, and proportions.
  4. Algebraic Applications: Factoring lays the groundwork for algebraic expressions, equations, and polynomial operations. Students who master factoring develop a strong foundation for future math topics.


Mastering factoring is a key milestone in a student’s mathematical journey. Our Factoring Worksheets provide a valuable resource to strengthen understanding, enhance problem-solving skills, and foster number sense. Download the worksheets today and empower your Grade 5 students to excel in factoring!