Missing Addend Worksheets Grade 5

Welcome to our collection of Missing Addend Worksheets for Grade 5! These printable worksheets provide an excellent opportunity for students to practice solving addition problems with missing addends. By engaging with these worksheets, students will enhance their addition skills, develop a deep understanding of number relationships, and sharpen their problem-solving abilities.

Download the Printable Missing Addend Worksheets

Click the link below to access and download the printable Missing Addend Worksheets. These worksheets have 3 or 5 addends, one of which is missing. In these worksheets, students use the concept of subtraction of numbers to find the missing numbers.

  • Missing addends (3 terms)
  • Missing addends (larger numbers)
  • Missing addends (5 terms)

Missing addends (3 terms)

Below are our grade 5 addition worksheets on the addition of numbers with missing addends with 3 terms. 

Missing addends (larger numbers)

Below are our grade 5 addition worksheets on the addition of numbers with missing addends with larger numbers.

Missing addends (5 terms)

Below are our grade 5 addition worksheets on the addition of numbers with missing addends with 5 terms.

These worksheets feature a variety of addition problems where one of the addends is missing. Students are challenged to identify the missing number and complete the addition equation. Through regular practice with these worksheets, students will become proficient in finding missing addends and improve their overall addition fluency.

Why Grade 5 Students Should Learn to Solve Addition Problems with Missing Addends

Learning to solve addition problems with missing addends offers several benefits for Grade 5 students:

  1. Strengthening Number Sense: Working with missing addends helps students develop a strong number sense by exploring the relationships between numbers. They learn to identify patterns and make connections between different elements of an addition equation, building a deeper understanding of how numbers interact.
  2. Problem-Solving Skills: Solving addition problems with missing addends requires students to analyze the given information, apply critical thinking skills, and determine the missing number. They must use logical reasoning and mental strategies to arrive at the correct solution. This enhances their problem-solving abilities and prepares them for more complex mathematical tasks.
  3. Algebraic Thinking: Working with missing addends introduces students to algebraic thinking at an elementary level. They begin to understand the concept of variables and how to manipulate equations to find unknown values. This foundation in algebraic thinking lays the groundwork for future mathematical concepts and problem-solving skills.
  4. Mental Math Proficiency: Regular practice with missing addend problems improves students’ mental math skills. They learn to quickly identify missing numbers, mentally calculate the sum, and efficiently solve addition problems. This mental math proficiency not only boosts their computational skills but also builds confidence in handling numbers.

Advantages of Downloadable and Printable Worksheets versus Online Worksheets

Utilizing downloadable and printable worksheets for Missing Addends provides several advantages:

  1. Accessibility and Flexibility: Printable worksheets can be accessed and used at any time, allowing for flexibility in incorporating them into lessons or independent practice. They can be easily printed and shared, enabling students to engage with the material offline and at their own pace.
  2. Personalization and Differentiation: Printable worksheets allow teachers to tailor the learning experience to meet individual student needs. Educators can select specific worksheets based on the level of difficulty or learning objectives, providing targeted practice and addressing each student’s unique requirements.
  3. Tangible Learning Experience: Printable worksheets provide a tangible and hands-on learning experience. Students can write, draw, and manipulate numbers directly on the worksheets, enhancing their engagement and reinforcing comprehension. The physical interaction with the worksheets promotes better retention of mathematical concepts.
  4. Reduced Screen Time: Using printable worksheets reduces students’ screen time, providing a balanced approach to learning. It allows for a healthier and more varied learning environment, as students can work with the worksheets away from digital devices and technology.


Our collection of Missing Addend Worksheets for Grade 5 offers an effective way for students to develop addition skills, strengthen number sense, and foster algebraic thinking. By practicing with these worksheets, students will become proficient in finding missing addends, enhance their problem-solving abilities, and build a solid foundation for future mathematical success.

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