Inspiring stories of the missile man every child should know!

Reading about inspirational stories of people emulates one to follow the same path. Finding a role model for your kids can be hard depending on your kid’s interest. But there are a few role models that are loved by all kids regardless of their interests. One such person is Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

Known as the “Missile Man”, Mr. Kalam is an inspiration to young kids and youth. His kind nature and humble attitude are only second to his genius mind. We bring to you real-life incidents that show how kind and inspiring Dr. Kalam was as a scientist, politician, and human.

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A P J Abdul Kalam

Inspirational Stories of Dr. Kalam

1. He helped a colleague out by keeping his promise for him!

Once, about 70 scientists were working on an important and hectic project. One of the scientists requested Dr. Kalam if he could leave early in the evening as he had promised his kids a trip to the exhibition. Dr. Kalam readily granted the request. But as the hours passed by, the scientist became so engrossed in his work that he forgot about the promise he made to the kids.

The scientist finally left at 8.30 upset at having disappointed his kids. He could not find Dr. Kalam in the vicinity as he was leaving. He reached home to find out his kids weren’t there. When questioned, his wife told him that his boss had arrived at the house and taken the kids to the exhibition earlier in the evening.

Noticing the scientist working hard, Dr. Kalam decided to keep his promise for him to not disappoint the kids. This is one of the few incidents that stand testament to his kindness.

2. When he made a child’s day with a thank you letter!

The following story took place when Dr. Kalam was the President of India. Naman Narain, a student sketched Dr. Kalam after reading his book, ‘Wings of Fire’. When he showed it to his family, they were happy and mailed it to the president. Naman and his family forgot all about the sketch until they received a letter from none other than the President of India. Inside the envelope was a thank you card by the President appreciating him for the sketch. Naman remembers his mother shedding tears of joy and how joyful he felt. He speaks of this as a moment he treasures to date.

3. He invited a cobbler as a presidential guest!

During his first visit to Trivandrum as the president, Dr. Kalam could invite two people as his guests to the Raj Bhavan of Kerala. Being a scientist and a politician, many people expected him to invite some dignitaries as his guests but who he invited astounded everyone. Dr. Kalam invited a cobbler and the owner of a small hotel who he had grown close to during his time in Kerala. This was proof of his simplicity and humility.

Many similar stories stand testament to what an intelligent scientist and amazing human being Dr. Kalam was! Do you know of any similar stories? Let us know in the comments!

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