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How to Make Virtual Learning a Success!

How to Make Virtual Learning a Success!

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The world we knew has changed drastically in just one year. From lifestyle to education, everything has witnessed a major change. Virtual learning is now the new normal. While teachers are taught how to prep for this new way of life, the same can’t be said for parents.

Virtual Learning Tips for Students

Listed below are some virtual learning tips for Students:

1. Set up the right environment

The right study space can make a big difference when it comes to virtual learning. Create an environment that closely reflects that of a classroom. A study table and a comfortable chair are two things you do not want to compromise on. Also, try to minimize distractions from the outside world and the other rooms while your child is learning. Customizing the study space for your child with their favourite colours or items also helps.

Virtual Learning Tips for Students

2. Ensure they have their learning tools

You do not want your kids wandering around the house in the middle of their lesson looking for a pencil or a notepad. Other than the right gadget, which is crucial for virtual learning, ensure they have other study materials close at hand. Notebooks, pencils, pens, and post-it notes help your kids stay focused and take notes when they are learning. A water bottle and a small snack like fruit or some nuts will always be appreciated.

Virtual Learning Tips for Students

3. Take some precautions

Kids see the internet as a fun place but they are not aware of the dangers lurking behind this space. Your kids would not like you breathing down their necks whenever they are studying on their gadgets. And honestly, you wouldn’t like it too. Make sure to download a good anti-virus on your child’s learning device. You can also use parental controls to restrict access to certain content on the internet.

4. Create a Schedule

A common problem that most parents face with virtual learning is that the kids do not tend to take it just as seriously. Kids have trouble recognizing the value or significance of virtual learning as they are used to classroom learning. Setting up a schedule can help children take virtual learning seriously. From making sure that they shower and get done with their breakfast before starting their classes to getting their assignments done on time, set a schedule for everything.

Virtual Learning Tips for Students

5. Use additional online learning tools

So your daughter learned about photosynthesis and helped enforce the concept with an additional lesson outside of the virtual classroom. Use youtube and educational apps and resources to help your child understand what they learned in class. From educational youtube channels to games, there are a variety of learning tools to suit your child’s personal preference. Most of these tools are incredibly fun, engaging, and effective.

6. Help overcome new difficulties

Virtual learning brings along new challenges that your child might not be able to handle. It is important to help your kids navigate through these new challenges with ease. Communicate with your child and ask them about their experience with virtual learning. Discuss any problems they are encountering and figure out the right solutions.

7. Stay Positive

We understand that these changes are just as challenging for you as it is for your children. This new situation will take time to get used to and it’s important to be patient. Connect with teachers and other parents to understand how to better deal with the new normal. Take your time and most of all, stay positive.

Do you have any tips of your own that will help other parents? Drop them in the comments!

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