Hemrah Salimi: Try to enjoy what you do and improve your knowledge in the field

What do you love about teaching?

When I teach someone something and see their satisfaction and joy, I really get excited. This excitement doubles when I do it for those who are in economically poor conditions and through my teaching, their life gets elevated and they find their way to improve themselves.

Tell us about some of your achievements

I have achieved a lot in my life and I always appreciate my God for everything. The first and the most important thing which happened in my life is that God gave me a beautiful daughter, Maya. She is the most prominent and significant event in my life. Second, I have achieved a lot in my academic career and studies such as being an English teacher, which was my childhood dream, and becoming a PhD student in the field of TEFL in one of the great universities in Iran. Having published an article about my mother tongue is another achievement that I could get.

Tell us about some of the challenges you face in your job.

The biggest challenge in my job is the satisfaction that the students get from my classes. Day in and day out, I am just worried about this matter, and I always think about it.

This excitement of teaching doubles when I do it for those who are in economically poor conditions

Hemrah Salimi

What inspires you?

My little daughter is a significant inspiration for me. Once one of our teachers said that as soon as you enter a class to teach something, assume that your son or daughter is sitting in that class. Since then, I always see my daughter in all my classes and I try to teach those students as if I am teaching my daughter.

What would you like to tell someone who is new or trying to be a teacher?

For those who are new in the field, I can have some friendly suggestions:

1. Do not look for money in the field of teaching

2. Do not have bias towards a specific group of learners

3. Do not degrade any learner 

4. Do respect everyone around, because you are the model for your learners

5. Teach moral issues to your learners before any other knowledge through your behavior

6. Try to enjoy what you do and improve your knowledge in the field 

Any interesting stories you’d like to share with our readers?

The first year of my teaching, I was sent to a far away village to teach English in a junior high school there. The very first session, the students asked me if they washed my car, would I give them a good grade (i.e. 20 out of 20). I was just shocked by this question. I pondered for some time and I was also upset at the same time.

Finally I decided to put a 20 for each of them in my grade sheet; they got really happy with this, however, I told them that they had to defend their 20s. I told them that they have to study in groups and help each other. Whenever they are not ready, I told them, I would decrease 1 point from their 20s. This idea motivated them very much to study and defend their 20s. Now, I am sure, wherever they are, their English is at least much better than before.

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