Difference Between Hatchback Sedan and SUV

There are different varieties of cars we come across. Ever wondered how a car is classified? It’s not that confusing. Let’s see the difference between Hatchback Sedan and SUV which are the most common among car categories. Below is an image that helps you identify vehicle categories with ease.

Difference Between Hatchback Sedan and SUV

Hatchback, Sedan, and SUV are the three most popular categories in a car which are categorized by boxes. A hatchback is perhaps one of the smallest cars which comprises a small storage space for luggage that can be accessed through the tailgate.

Let’s understand the difference between hatchback sedan and SUV, by first looking at these cars individually.

Hatchback Cars Meaning

Now, let’s look into hatchback cars meaning. The term dates back decades but today it’s generally used to refer to smaller cars with a boot lid that incorporates the rear window and is hinged at the top. Think of a Ford Focus or a Volkswagen Golf and you’re probably envisioning what most people picture when they hear the word.

Difference Between Hatchback Sedan and SUV

A saloon car has a boot lid that hinges underneath the rear window, but a hatchback has, in effect, a full-height extra door at the back. That’s why you’ll often see cars described as a three-door or a five-door, even though you’ll only ever get in and out via the two or four doors at the side.

A hatchback can be a micro hatchback (Tata Nano), a mini hatchback Renault Kwid), a regular hatchback (Suzuki Swift), and a premium hatchback (Hyundai i20). A hatchback is classified into micro, mini, regular, and premium depending on its length, features, and technology. A hatchback comes with lesser leg space for rear-seat passengers and lesser boot space. Hatchbacks have slight body rolls due to the ratio of length to height.

What is a Sedan?

A sedan or saloon (British English) is a passenger car in a three-box configuration with separate compartments for an engine, passengers, and cargo. The first recorded use of the word “sedan” in reference to an automobile body occurred in 1912. The name derives from the 17th-century litter known as a sedan chair, a one-person enclosed box with windows carried by porters.

Difference Between Hatchback Sedan and SUV

A sedan generally has 3 boxes, one for the engine, one for the passenger, and one for luggage. A Sedan on the other hand has an exclusive space for luggage and comes with higher leg room for front and rear-seat passengers. A sedan may be further divided into compact sedans, mid-sized sedans, premium sedans, etc. Body roll on Sedan is lesser and these cars are generally said to offer good road grip.

Types of Storms

What is an SUV?

The SUV a.k.a Sports Utility Vehicle on the other hand comes with rugged looks and are capable of off-roading. ‘SUV’ is an American term that was first applied to cars with lots of passenger and boot space that were capable of driving off-road over rough terrain. They were aimed at the kind of people who spend their weekends doing outdoor sports like canoeing and mountain biking.

Difference Between Hatchback Sedan and SUV

The term is now applied to a much broader range of cars. Some are very small, such as the Ford EcoSport. Some are large luxury cars, such as the Range Rover. Some even drive sports cars –the Porsche Cayenne, for example. Most are excellent family cars.

Within that wide spectrum, there are a few things that link SUVs and mark them out from other types of cars. They all have suspension that puts them higher off the ground than a saloon or hatchback, most have comparatively tall bodies and many are available with four-wheel drive.

These generally come with either All Wheel Drive (AWD) or 2-wheel drive options and have powerful engines with higher torque. The fuel efficiency of these cars is generally not a primary concern. SUVs are offered in Mini SUVs, Midsize SUVs, Premium SUVs, etc. SUVs may offer body roll when driven at high speeds but offer excellent road grip in the toughest road conditions.

Key Takeaways

  • Hatchback: Built for city use mainly, gives good mileage and is easy to park in congested areas.
  • Sedan: This is a car with extended boot space. Generally have more space and power than a hatchback and offer a premium feel to owners.
  • SUV: Used for off-roading, has a powerful engine and good shock absorbers, used as sports cars. They have good ground clearance.

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