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Class of 2021: How to Prep and What to Expect!

Class of 2021: How to Prep and What to Expect!

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There is no denying that 2020 wasn’t exactly one of the best years for students. And it sure left students, parents, and teachers wondering about the coming year. So what does 2021 hold for students? Is life going to revert to normal or are students going to continue learning through screens? Let’s find out!

Online classes might continue

Just because we are in a new year does not mean that things are going back to normal anytime soon. While there are chances that schools and colleges might open up, it will take a while. If there is no vaccination rolled out soon, students will be expected to attend online classes. Tests and exams might also be conducted online with certain measures to ensure fair results.

Changes in the admission process

The admission process for new students might not be the same anymore. Expect to see a decline in the number of new students joining your classes this year. With the current situation, students are less likely to change schools. The admission process will predictably be a little more stringent and there also might be a slight increase in the tuition fee.

Safety will be of utmost priority

Hygiene will no longer be about stainless uniforms or well-kept hair. If schools are opening up, expect strict rules regarding hygiene and basic safety. Face masks might become a norm and a sanitizer might occupy a permanent place in your school/college bags. Seating in classes is most likely to be changed to stay per social distancing norms.

Restrictions on extracurricular activities

You might probably have to bid adieu to your soccer and cricket matches this school year. The same might hold for your annual school and inter-school competitions. Any event that would invite a crowd will either be canceled or changed to suit the situation accordingly. This doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be any fun. You might just discover new ways of socializing and mingling.

Helpful Tips on How to Prep

Now that you know you might be encountering some severe changes in this coming academic year, it is time to start prepping. Being prepared for the new way of life beforehand will make it easier for you to adapt to the changes:

1. Stay safe and healthy

With everything that has been happening, it is crucial now more than ever to take care of your health and focus on your safety. If school or college starts, it is important to take the necessary precautions to avoid falling sick. Wearing a mask, eating healthy, and practicing basic hygiene is key to staying safe.

2. Be prepared for the new normal

With the serious possibility that online classes might continue, you must make you be prepared. If you haven’t already adapted to virtual learning, we suggest that you start figuring it out. Ensure you have all the necessary gadgets and study materials you’ll need once classes start. Work on your communication skills so you can converse better with your peers and teachers when classes start.

3. Seek help when necessary

If you are not able to adjust to the changes immediately, it’s okay. You are not expected to immediately take up to the new way of life. If you feel confused or scared, connect with your peers. Seek help from your parents, peers, and even your teachers if it comes to it. Remember, you are not the only one feeling the brunt of the situation and it always helps to have someone by your side during these tough times.

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