My child loves cars! What are his/her career options?

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If your child loves playing with their hot wheels, obsessed with cars, and can’t stop talking about them, you might want to consider their passion into a career when they grow up. An automotive career isn’t just limited to being a NASCAR driver. There is more to it than you can imagine. Here are some lucrative career options for kids who love cars.

Careers for kids

These are some of the career options for kids who love cars.

1. Automobile Designer

If your child has an artistic flair in addition to being obsessed with cars, Automobile Designer might be the best career for them. Automobile designing includes defining the aesthetics and usability of the product, in this case, the car. This career is best suited for creative people as it involves the utilization of design tools and artistic elements. Automobile designers also get paid quite lucratively.

career options for kids

2. Restoration Specialist

If your kid has a penchant for classic or vintage cars, they should look into being a restoration specialist. The job of an automobile restorer is to restoring old cars the way they were made or by adding new technologies and parts to them. More and more car aficionados are buying vintage cars either as a passion or as an investment. This job requires a keen passion for cars and an appreciation for classic cars. It also doesn’t hurt to have in-depth knowledge about the history of cars.

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3. Automobile Technician

An automobile technician is responsible for ensuring that your car is in top shape. Technicians have a deep understanding of the workings of a car and are the people to go if you ever face any issues with your vehicle. Whether your car needs some work after an accident or just a regular maintenance service, these technicians will take care of it. Their job not only includes fixing issues but also implementing preventive solutions to avoid any automobile problems.

4. Automobile Marketer

Does your car-passionate kid have a knack for convincing you to buy them the latest toys without any hassle? They will probably make an exemplary automobile marketer. An automobile or car marketer’s job involves promoting, marketing, and selling cars to the public. Automobile marketing is a fun, creative, and interesting career and is perfect for those who love challenges.

5. Race Car Driver

For some kids, being a race car driver isn’t just a temporary aspiration. If your kid is really keen on becoming a race car driver, we suggest you encourage them. Being a race car driver takes a lot of effort but it is worth it. Your child can take their love for cars and turn into something amazing. While the fame and money that comes with being a race car driver is lucrative, it also requires hard work, dedication, and patience. If your child is ready to put in the work, we suggest you encourage their passion.

6. Game Developer

Your child can take their love for cars into the virtual world through fun and intriguing car games. As a game developer, your child can combine their passion for computer science with their love for cars to create car racing games. From children to adults, people of every age love car racing games and appreciate well-designed games. 

7. Blogger

What better to show your love for cars than with the written word? If your child is passionate about cars and writing, they might want to look into being a professional blogger. By being an automotive blogger, your child can be the go-to source for everything car-related. Alternatively, they can also consider being an auto journalist where they get to attend car launches, press events, and more.

Your child can also pursue a career in accountancy, sales, engineering in an automobile company. Which one of these careers piques your interest> Let us know!

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