20 Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas for a Gadget-Loving Kid!

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Looking for the perfect birthday gift ideas for a gadget-loving kid? Fret not, we are here to help you out! We bring to you a collection of fun and interesting gadget gifts for kids that do not involve the usual smartphone or mini-laptop. Read on to find out more about these birthday gifts.

Gadget Gifts for Kids

Here are 20 amazing gift ideas for your kids.

1. Interactive Soft Book

Does your baby enjoy interesting sounds and pictures? Here is one of the best gadget gifts for kids – an interactive soft book. It is the best tech-based toy for babies and toddlers. Developed by experts, these interactive soft books have stories, rhymes, and activities including colourful pictures and fun sounds. These books are not only entertaining but also act as a tool to improve your child’s visual and motor skills.

2. Star Night light projector for kids

The second on the list of gadget gifts for kids is a star night light projector. Make bedtime fun and exciting for your kids with a night light projector. A star night light adds an enchanting touch to your kid’s room and keeps your child calm during bedtime. These lights are compact and can be placed anywhere in the room. The soothing light coupled with a realistic image of a star-lit sky makes even the fussiest kid look forward to bedtime. 

gadget gifts for kids
Star Night Light Star Projector

3. Electronic Robot

Other interesting electronic gifts for kids are electronic robots. It is hard to find a kid who doesn’t love robots. If your child loves robots, gift them with an electronic robot for their next birthday. From coding robots to remote-controlled ones, you can find a plethora of kids’ robot toys. These toys are fun and are effective in keeping young children occupied for a long duration.

4. Hand-held Gaming Console

The next on our list of gadget gift ideas for kids is a gaming console. You do not have to get a PS5 to please your gaming-enthusiast kid. A simple hand-held console game will make them happy too. Hand-held kids’ gaming consoles make for a great birthday gift for young children. Though very simple, these consoles have their undeniable charm. This is a fun and affordable alternative to expensive gaming consoles.

5. Musical Playmat

One of the best electronic gifts for kids interested in music is a musical playmat. Let your little one discover the joys of music with a musical playmat. These playmats are a fun way to introduce your toddler or baby to music. Choose from fun and colourful dance and musical instrument play mats. These are also great for developing your baby’s visual and auditory functions in addition to hand and eye coordination.

CodingHero - 20 Awesome Birthday Gift Ideas for a Gadget-Loving Kid! Musical Playmat
Musical Playmat

Educational Gadget Gifts for Kids

6. Sphero Mini

Sphero Mini is one of the excellent gadget gift ideas for any kid who has a keen interest in programming. This is an app-enabled programmable spherical robot that is unlike regular robots. Kids can learn to program and complete a wide range of activities with this STEM toy. This little programmable robot is suitable for kids above the age of 7 years.

7. Smart Pixelator

Looking for a fun yet educational toy for your artistic child? You should opt for Smart Pixelator. This fun toy combines art and technology and encourages creativity in kids. With Smart Pixelator, kids can create 2D and 3D projects aided by Bluetooth connectivity and a range of versatile tools. This toy is also great for STEM and STEAM learning.

8. Invention Kits

Kids love disassembling and building things. There is something about it that makes them happy. If your kid enjoys something like that, you should get them an invention or engineering kit. These will definitely will be the best tech toys for kids.These kits consist of technological and scientific experiments suitable for kids. These toys serve as effective educational and entertaining tools. From creating a volcano explosion to building robots and musical instruments, you can find a variety of kits.

gadget gifts for kids
Invention Kit

9. Dash Robot

The next on our list of gadget gift for kids is Dash Robot. It is one of the most popular educational tech toys out there. Dash is a robot that can be controlled through an app. The toy teaches kids the basics of coding. Designed for kids above the age of 6 years, this robot toy is cute, fun, and appealing to both boys and girls. Kids can control the robot through simple block codes.

gadget gifts for kids
Dash Robot

10. Microscope for Kids

Children are curious and imaginative by nature and the right toy can spark their imagination. A kid’s microscope makes for an amazing gadget gift ideas for your little one’s birthday. A fun toy like a microscope opens up a world of possibilities for kids and can even help you teach them a thing or two. Let your child have fun exploring flowers, bugs, or even their own skin with this intriguing toy.

Fun and Interesting Gadget Gifts for Kids

11. Kids Drawing Tablet

Does your child enjoy drawing? Here is one of the interesting tech gifts for kids. On the next birthday, show your support for their hobby by gifting them a drawing tablet. We guarantee that your child won’t be disappointed with this gift. This tablet not only keeps your little ones occupied but also adds life to their drawings and enhances their creativity. The best part? They are super affordable.

12. Remote Control Vehicle

For your child’s next birthday, ditch the hot wheels set and get them a remote-controlled car. While a hot wheels track set is fun, we assure you that your tech-loving kid will enjoy a remote-controlled vehicle more. You can choose from a myriad of options including trucks, cars, trains, and more remote-controlled vehicles.

13. Wireless Headphones

Nothing can be more perfect than a pair of wireless headphones for a gadget-loving kid. Whether your child enjoys playing games, blasting their favourite music, or watching movies, a good pair of wireless headphones will always be appreciated. You can choose from a wide range of wireless Bluetooth-enabled headphones and earphones. Wireless headphones will definitely be one of the best gadget for kids.

14. Kids Electronic Mini Drone

The next on our list of gadget gifts for kids is a mini drone. Put a smile on your kid’s face on their next birthday with an electronic drone. These mini drones can fly quite high and do some interesting flips and stunts. They come with simple controls making it easy for kids to use them without parental supervision. They are a refreshing change from regular remote-controlled trucks and cars.

15. Polaroid Camera

What can be a better gift than a polaroid camera for kids who love taking pictures? Polaroid cameras are back in trend and for a good reason. They are convenient, easy to use, and fun. With a mini polaroid camera, your kids can capture memories instantly. For utmost comfort, opt for a mini camera with minimal functions.

16. Kids Smartwatch

Has your kid been eyeing your Apple watch? Get them their own version of the smartwatch. These watches make for an excellent gift for kids who like wearable gadgets. Kids’ smartwatches are unlike those made for adults and have more fun rather than functional features. They can take pictures, record videos, play music, and more with these smartwatches.

17. Portable Speaker

Looking for some good tech gifts for kids that they won’t stow away? You can’t go wrong with a portable speaker. A pair of Bluetooth portable speakers are more of a necessity than an option for most kids. A pair of wireless speakers can enhance every experience, be it watching a movie, playing a game, or just listening to your favourite tunes. 

18. Kids E-reader

Does your kid enjoy reading? Does he/she love getting lost in the magical world of books? We guarantee you that they will love getting an E-reader for their next birthday. With an E-reader, your kids can carry a hoard of books in one compact device. The best part about an E-reader is that your kids can have easy access to books of their choice at any time. 

gadget gifts for kids
Kids E-reader

19. Portable Photo Printer

Your child’s teenage years will be filled with unforgettable memories. The next birthday, gift them with something that will help them save and treasure those memories for years to come. A portable photo printer is an excellent gift for older kids. These printers can be connected to phones via Bluetooth and help print out the best memories captured on the phone camera.

20. VR headset

The last on our list of best electronic gifts for kid is VR headset. If there is one gift that won’t fail you, it is a VR headset. A virtual reality headset is on every child’s wish list. These headsets offer the users a platform where they can experience and interact with a 3D world. They are great for playing games, watching documentaries/movies, and even studying.

gadget gifts for kids
VR Headset


Which gadget is best for kids?

There are a number of gadgets you can choose depending on your kid’s interest. Some of the best gadget gifts for kids are interactive soft book, electronic robot, musical playmat, sphero mini, etc.

What is technology for kids?

Technology is the use of knowledge to invent new devices or tools. Throughout history, technology has made people’s lives easier.

How long should children use gadgets?

Gadget and screen time use among kids increases with age, so setting limits and establishing best screen time practices early is important. How much screen time is healthy? Generally, we’re talking about no screen time for kids under two, one hour a day for kids 2-12 years old, and two hours a day for teens and adults.


The world of technology is ever-growing for children, with considerable ranges to choose from such as fun smart toys, learning gadgets, smart tablets, and game consoles. We hope these suggestions will definitely help you to choose a suitable gift for your kid.

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