Best Learning Apps for Kids

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All the subjects are interesting in themselves and with the right learning tool, it can be fascinating! We bring to you a collection of learning apps for kids that will not only teach them about the subject but also let them learn their own! Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Science Experiments in School Lab

Have you ever tried to make electricity from a potato, a volcano inside the house, and colored rain inside the house? Science Experiments in School Lab Learn with Fun brings you a lot of fun science experiments with voice instruction. They are easy to understand and perform at a school science fair. Learn to make your own science projects with these amazing science tricks. This app is specially designed for kids age up to 5 years.

Best Learning Apps for Kids

Learn all the concepts by following all the steps of science experiments. Perform some amazing chemistry and physics experiments and see the amazing results in your learning lab. Here, you can learn interesting science facts with each experiment for school, learn how different materials react with each other in surprising ways, and learn molecular formulas with a newly added level gameplay.

Key Features

While playing this science experiment game, you will be guided step by step with voice. And after completing an experiment, a conclusion will be presented for learning and assistance in school projects. This game gives you 3 exciting levels to play. Choose your mode and play with science.

Game Levels

It has the following three levels:

  • Do the Experiments
  • Be an Alchemist
  • Make Compounds

Best Learning Apps for Kids

Do the Experiments – Game Features

  • Best science experiments educational game
  • Simple apparatus and materials used for each experiment
  • A step by step guide and instructions to perform the experiments for your school projects
  • Easy to perform and understand science experiments
  • Learn experiments with summary of the science behind the experiments

Experiments Overview

  • Generating electricity from a potato with copper wire and magnet.
  • Understand how Carbon dioxide can be generated and how it is used as a fire extinguisher.
  • Building a manual homemade water pump using a simple empty bottle.
  • How do you make a colored rain inside your home?
  • Understand how a mechanical boat works with simple experiments at home.
  • Creating a vacuum using simple glass and candles.
  • How to inflate a balloon automatically without manually doing it?
  • Creating an erupting volcano with the simplest materials from home.
  • Making your own electromagnet in a few minutes.
  • Understand how to do an electromagnetic effect works and makes the battery move like a train.

Be an Alchemist – Game Features

Just as the name suggests, you have to be an Alchemist at this level. Mix elements to create the element you have been asked for in each level. Every combination is a little puzzle in itself to solve. Try to unlock every element that is shown in the right panel.

Did you get stuck? You can always Undo your steps to separate the elements you mixed by mistake. Still unable to solve? You can always use the hint for the correct element as an answer.

Make Compounds – Game Features

Unique gameplay to learn the molecular formula of different compounds. You will be asked the compound to make on the screen.

Move beaker left or right with taps and collect the right molecule to make the right compound. One wrong molecule will make the level fail. So how many molecules can you make without fail?

What are you waiting for? A whole world is waiting to be discovered!

It is available at Google Play Store

How to Run an Android App on PC or MAC?

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don’t need to purchase anything but games or applications themselves if it isn’t free.

1. Download Bluestacks from this link.

2. Install BlueStacks from the installation file by following the on-screen instructions.

3. Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account to it.

4. Type the name of app in the Search bar and install it.

5. Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.

2. Play and Learn Science

With Play and Learn Science, kids have science and problem-solving games at their fingertips anywhere they go! Play science games, control the weather, roll and slide objects down a ramp, and choose the best materials for an umbrella – all while building science inquiry skills and learning core science concepts. This app is specially designed for kids age up to 5 years.

Best Learning Apps for Kids

Science games for kids encourage children to see science in their everyday life. These educational games serve as catalysts for real-world exploration by drawing from real-world locations and experiences that children recognize.

These family games encourage co-learning with hands-on activities and parent notes! Early learning activities encourage families to “try it” at home and provide tips for conversations, taking the lessons beyond the app.

Key Features

  • SCIENCE FOR KIDS – 15 Educational games covering core scientific topics:
    • Earth Science
    • Physical Science
    • Environmental Science
    • Life Science

    • Problem-solving games kids will enjoy and learn from
    • Educational games with drawing tools and stickers
    • Learn science while having fun

    • Kids education with family activities encourage co-learning through tips for parent-child engagement
    • Early learning activities that take education into the community
    • Science games for children under 5, developed in collaboration with early childhood experts

    • Spanish language options to keep children engaged in their native tongue
    • Learning Spanish? The bilingual setting is perfect for your kids to learn and practice

Best Learning Apps for Kids

It is available at Google Play Store

Best Learning Apps for Kids

Not only this, PBS KIDS has a number of apps which kids will definitely love and learn from. For more PBS KIDS apps, visit

3. STEM Buddies: Science Learning for Kids

At STEM Buddies, they use storytelling, animations, and fun activities to spark children’s interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and introduce them to 21st-century skills. This educational app is interactive and fun. it is original and of high quality. It is created by highly qualified educational experts and is certified for educational pedagogy by Educational Alliance Finland since 2019.

Best Learning Apps for Kids

It includes a series of short animated stories about the daily life of STEM Buddies. Each storyline is centered around one topic. As the STEM Buddies Doc, Victor, Helix, Cookie, and their robot dog Issy hang out by their treehouse, they explore life and science while they play. They will make your children (ages 4-9+) love STEM, too. By following the characters in these stories, the children gain the know-how to become self-directed, forward-thinking, collaborative learners; all skills necessary to succeed in the 21st-century framework.

Each topic has a set of carefully chosen and structured learning objectives that are aligned with international standards for the selected age group. It is geared toward the IB curriculum but easily meets the Early Childhood Science standards of curriculum for most countries (Common Core, NAPLAN, UK Curriculum Standards).

Best Learning Apps for Kids

Key Features

  • Topics (Gravity, Water Cycle, Flying, Sound, Germs, Muscles, Healthy Food)
  • Ads Free
  • Certified for educational pedagogy from Finland
  • Aligned with international standards
  • Gender-neutral and age-appropriate
  • Short streamed videos
  • Fun facts
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Colouring pages
  • Questions and quizzes
  • Matching games
  • Interactive Puzzle

It is available at Google Play Store:

4. Math Games for Kids – Kids Math

Math games for kids is a highly adaptable edutainment platform for kids of all ages. It provides fun-filled applications where kids can make characters run, jump, count, adds, subtracts, multiplies, and divide to win. 

It also has addition, subtraction, mental arithmetic, division, times tables. It includes learning games of counting numbers and sequences for preschoolers. Moreover, it’s perfect for young children too!

Another game Monster Numbers is an excellent educational game for learning mathematics for kids. It helps to improve preschool skills and mental math calculations and problem-solving for kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and adults of all ages.

Best Learning Apps for Kids

Key Features

The best part of it is that it has categorized the content age-wise:

  • Ages: 4-5 (Preschool): Children from ages 4 and 5 will find age-appropriate games to match their maturing level in mathematics: counting coins, logical sequence, number recognition, sums of sets of coins.

  • Ages: 6-7 (1st and 2nd graders): Children ages 6 and 7 practice math activities: logical sequences, additions without regrouping, and subtractions with coins.

  • Ages: 10- 11 years old (5th and 6th graders): From age 10 the math game consists of mental arithmetic additions, mental math subtractions, times tables, division, and more complex logical sequences.

  • From ages 16 onwards: (Secondary School and adults): the game will be a great challenge for this age range as well, increasing the difficulty of the mathematical operations and the rest of the levels.

Best Learning Apps for Kids


Monster Numbers aims to mix fun with learning, therefore, if you use it in school we recommend letting the child play freely through the different levels. The difficulty in the math facts is adjusted automatically and depends on their mistakes and successes. So: don’t help! Let them learn math in an autonomous way!!

The best part is children will engage in learning math without realizing, due to the great adventure they are experiencing with Tob the squirrel. The squirrel is lost in the world of Monster Numbers and the children will have to come to the rescue!!

To do this they must overcome countless obstacles and try to recover Tob’s spacecraft pieces. They can jump, run, slide, fly, shoot, all while doing fun math facts that can always be adapted to your level.

They’ll live an exciting adventure all while learning. With Monster Numbers, your child will learn math without realizing it.

It is available at Google Play Store:

5. Little Panda Math Genius

As we all know mathematics is an important subject, especially for kids. With this educational app, parents can help children to learn faster. “Math Genius” is a fun game designed mainly around the topics of addition and subtraction.

Best Learning Apps for Kids

Key Features

  • Cool animations and effects
  • Learning addition and subtraction
  • Lots of challenges and fun

Best Learning Apps for Kids

Kids can learn mathematical skills by play these types of games. Therefore, with this interactive app, your children will improve their concentration and develop problem-solving skills.

It is available at Google Play Store: from this app, you can also find a lot of kids’ stuff at their site

6. Math Doors

With Math Doors kids can challenge themselves with different levels of math puzzle games and stretch the limits of their intelligence.  There are about 300 logical puzzles available in it. These games are designed such that both parts of your brain will be tested by exploring the relations between the numbers in geometrical figures and different brain teasers.

Best Learning Apps for Kids

Key Features

  • This game contains 300 math riddles and puzzles.
  • This is a free math game with hints and answers.
  • Detailed explanations of almost every puzzle are provided.
  • This game is perfect for all age groups, adults as well as kids.

Categories present in the game

Skill Games – This includes logic puzzles and brain teasers

Brain Games – This will help you increase your math skills.

Puzzle Games – Hidden figures which will test your brain.

Best Learning Apps for Kids

It is available at Google Play Store:

7. Math – Riddles and Puzzles

Math Riddles level up your IQ with a mix of logical puzzles. Challenge yourself with different levels of math games and stretch the limits of your mind. Brain games are prepared with an approach of an IQ test.

These math riddles reveal your mathematical talent through brain games that are hidden in geometrical shapes. You will train both parts of your brain by exploring the relations between the numbers in the geometrical shapes, and you will stretch the limits of your mind sharp.

Best Learning Apps for Kids

The best part is that all levels are suitable for adults and kids.

Math games really open your mind like an IQ test. Logical puzzles create new connections for advanced thought and mental speed. They make strong connections between brain cells.

Key Features

  • Math games improve attention and focusing with logical puzzles.
  • Brain games develop memory power and perception abilities like an IQ test.
  • Educational games help you find out your potential both in school and daily life.
  • IQ tests expand your mind with brain games.
  • Logical puzzles help to manage stress control in an entertaining way.

Approach Used in Games

Brain games are prepared with an IQ test approach. You will solve the relationship between numbers in the geometrical figures, and complete the missing numbers at the end. Logical puzzles and math games have different levels and players who have strong analytical thinking ability, recognize the pattern immediately.

All questions can be solved by basic and complex mathematical operations taught at school. Only interesting addition subtraction multiplication and division operations. Addition and subtraction are usually sufficient for complex and cognitive solutions. Cognitive riddles are the kind that will attract the attention of intelligent and intellectual children.

MATH RIDDLES is totally free game so that anybody interested in math games can access the game. The games come with hints and answers to refer to.

It is available at Google Play Store:

8. ABC Spelling

Ready to play a truly free spelling game for kids? What about a spelling game without ads? Did you know that there are multiple spelling games all in one game? 

You’ll all agree that phonics helps build a framework for spelling. That’s why these multiple phonics-focused game modes get the child to remember the spelling, but also to fully learn phonics in the process as well. 

The perfect game for kids to learn to spell, while having fun! The game helps young children learn to spell by sounding out words, phonics, and teaches how to associate letters with pictures. The main goal with this collection of spelling games is to have the kids play and not realize they’ve learned to spell! This app is suitable for kids aged 5 – 10 years.

Best Learning Apps for Kids

Game Modes

The game can be played in the following modes:

  • Spelling: A picture is shown on the screen with letters outlined just above it. Children match the letters at the top by choosing from the tiles below, placing them in the correct order to spell out words. Kids get to learn to spell while learning phonics in the process.
  • Fill In Blank: Kids can spell out the name of the picture using letters on the screen. There’s just one catch, though: all the letters are jumbled up!
  • Blank Spelling: Letters are placed at the bottom of the screen, but this time there’s no clue at the top!
  • CVC: Consonant vowel-consonant mode includes 5 additional free learning modes for kids to practice and to learn CVC’s.

Best Learning Apps for Kids

ABC Spelling was designed with both adults and children in mind. Kids will love the bright graphics, the easy to touch icons, and the fun cartoon drawings. Parents will love the report card feature that helps track learning progress. 

And the best part of it is, ABC Spelling – Spell & Phonics is absolutely free, with no third-party ads, paywalls, or other distractions.

Key Features

  • Fun, educational activities for toddlers, kids, and parents alike!
  • Colorful graphics and animations to help kids learn.
  • Sounds to help children learn phonics for letters and words.
  • Report cards show learning progress.
  • Collect stickers & certificates to celebrate learning achievements!

It is available at Google Play Store:

9. Knudge Me – Improve English helps you not only learn and practice vocabulary, Grammar, but Math also with the help of bite-sized courses, visual flashcards, adaptive quizzes, and games.

Best Learning Apps for Kids

The platform works on scientific algorithms specially designed to help you learn and improve English & practice Math effectively. Quizlet-like visual flashcards enable learning on the go. Scientifically designed games and spaced repetition of flashcards are the best ways to revise and reinforce what you have learned.

Key Features

  • Personalized and Adaptive Vocabulary revision tests
  • Interactive Mini-courses for better understanding of English and Math concepts
  • Interesting Word Games to help you improve your Vocabulary, Grammar, Dictation, Pronunciation, Comprehension, etc.
  • Effective English vocabulary builder and grammar app
  • Pronunciation games to help you improve listening and speaking skills
  • Word of the Day concept for aspirants of vocabulary based competitive tests

Best Learning Apps for Kids


It offers two types of courses:

  • Flashcards Courses:
    • Vocabulary Builder:
      • Vocabulary Builder – Easy:  Learn English with these most commonly used words. Handy flashcards make it easier to memorize, improve vocabulary, and learn English in an enjoyable way.
      • Vocabulary Builder – Intermediate: A must-learn wordlist to elevate your English vocabulary. It comprises 200+ words which will help improve English smoothly. Highly helpful for aspirants who want to achieve a good score in exams like CAT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS & TOEFL.
      • Vocabulary Builder – Advanced: Entrance exams require an extensive English vocabulary. This wordlist can be helpful for improving the vocabulary required for competitive exams like GRE, GMAT, IELTS, etc.
    • English Idioms: 250 common English idioms to help you improve your writing and speaking skills.
    • Phrasal Verbs: This course will help you easily understand the use of the most frequently used English phrasal verbs and help you excel in exams like XAT & NMAT.
    • Commonly Confused Words: This course will help you learn more than 200 homonyms, homophones, and other confusing words.
    • Word of the Day concept for these courses helps you learn on the go!
  • Mini-Courses:
    • Bite-sized interactive English and Math courses that focus on English Grammar, Proverbs, Prepositions, Punctuations, Conjunctions, Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, and many more such topics.
    • Aspirants of IELTS, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL use Knudge for improving their English and Math skills.


The platform also provides a number of immersive games:

  • Words Checker: Improve reading skills & elevate your vocabulary by playing this fun word game.
  • Space Pursuit: Improve writing skills by learning to tackle commonly confused English words.  
  • Fly High: Build your vocabulary by learning synonyms.
  • Reader’s Digest: Improve reading skills by focussing on speed, accuracy, and comprehension.
  • Echo: Improve speaking and writing skills by correctly spelling words in this English dictation game.
  • Jelly Fizz: Improve speaking skills by learning phrasal verbs in a fun way.
  • Panda’s Trail: This game makes you self-capable in English Grammar and eliminates the need for correction tools like Grammarly.
  • Sea Voyage: Challenge your reading speed and retention by playing this engaging game.
  • Word Maze: Challenge your vocabulary knowledge and quick-thinking ability by playing this word game.
  • Spell Safe: Learn to spell words that have confusing spellings.
  • Polarity: Learn the positive and negative shades of meaning attached to words.
  • Words Race: Improve your reading speed and accuracy.

It is available at Google Play Store:

Which one of these apps would you love to introduce to your kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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