10 Great Brain Training Apps for Your Child!

Brain training apps for kids have gained wide popularity over recent years and for a good reason. These apps are an efficient way to improve your child’s developing brain and enhance their cognitive skills. Here is a curated collection of ten fun and interesting brain-training apps for your child.

Brain Training Apps For Kids

We bring you 10 brain training apps for kids that will definitely be of great help to your kids. Even kids can develop these types of simple apps by learning the basics of app development through an app development course.

1. Brain Apps for Kids – Kids Brain Trainer

The first on our list of the best brain training apps for kids is Kids Brain Trainer. Kids Brain Teaser is a fun app designed to help preschool and kindergarten kids sharpen their brains. The app has numerous educational games with challenging levels. The colourful interface, interesting characters, and exciting mental exercises keep making learning fun for kids. This kid’s educational app sharpens their memory skills and enhances their hand-eye coordination.

2. Brain Training for Kids – Brain Kids

The next on the list of best brain training apps is Brain Kids. It is an award-winning brain-training app for kids. Designed for kids above the age of 7 years old, this app is simple, educational, and efficient. The app has a wide range of brain-training games such as puzzles, connect the dots, matching games, logical reasoning games, and more. The app consists of three chapters and at the end of every chapter, you get a printable achievement certificate that highly motivates children.

3. Brain Training Games for Kids – Memory Match

Looking for an app that will help improve your kids’ memory and cognition skills? Memory Match is precisely what you are looking for. Memory Match is one of the top brain training apps. This game has a very simple user interface with grids with coloured squares. Kids are supposed to memorize the pattern to pass each level and the game gets harder with each passing level.

4. Mental UP

The next on the list of top brain training apps is Mental UP. Mental UP brings to you a plethora of educational games aimed to improve concentration, enhance memory, and aid brain development. This educational mobile game comes with a collection of games that push your child to think differently and improve their problem-solving skills. The points earned from the tasks can be used to improve your child’s avatar in the game which acts as a huge motivation for children to do better with each level.

5. Think! Think!

True to its name, this kid’s brain-training app keeps your kid’s brain ticking and working. Created by teaching experts, Think! Think! offers a series of mini-games designed to help kids build mental resilience to solve problems. Kids can play a total of three games every day and come back the next day for more educational fun.

6. MonsterMath

Monster Math is a fun and educational game that helps improve your child’s basic math skills like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. These brain training games for kids involve fun and challenging quests that can be solved with simple mathematical skills. The game offers daily reports and valuable insights to assess how your kids are doing.

7. Logic Like

Does your child like fun puzzles and brain teasers? Then they will love Logic Like. This popular and innovative app tests your child’s logical and problem-solving skills like no other. Get access to over 2000 fun questions, riddles, puzzles, math problems, and IQ tests. You can choose the difficulty level of the games based on your kid’s age. Just 15 minutes of Logic Like will improve your child’s cognitive skills.

brain training apps for kids

8. Peak-Brain Training

Peak is another one of the best brain training apps for kids. This app knows how to combine gamification with brain training exercises. This brain training app consists of a variety of free games designed to challenge one’s logical reasoning, math, and problem-solving skills. It takes less than 10 minutes to finish one brain training exercise and there are over 45 games available on the app. The paid version of the app comes with personalized brain-training exercises that are worth every penny.

9. Spelling Master for kids

If you are looking for a tool to improve your child’s language and vocabulary skills, Spelling Master for kids is what you need. This app teaches your kids common spellings without much hassle. The app has 13 spelling categories including spellings of fruits, animals, vegetables, shapes, and more.  

10. Lumosity

Lumosity is one more on the list of the best brain training app for kids. It is one of the best and most advanced brain-training apps. This app was designed for teenagers and adults to improve their memory and understand the workings of their brains. The engaging brain-training activities are designed by top neuroscientists. Lumosity is one of the best ways to enhance your memory, speed, focus, and problem-solving skills. 


How can we train our brains?

A brain training activity doesn’t always have to be exercise-related. Much research has found that creative outlets like painting and other art forms, learning an instrument, doing expressive or autobiographical writing, and learning a language also can improve cognitive function.

Is there any good brain training app for kids?

There are a few good brain training apps for kids such as Kids Brain Trainer, Brain Kids, Memory Match, Mental UP, Think! Think!, and Logic Like.


Developing working memory – the ability to hold information in your brain temporarily – is an asset for every child. For example, it allows them to hold numbers in their mind while doing mental maths calculations, or listen to instructions so they can complete a task. These brain training apps for kids will definitely help them improve their capabilities.

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