Apps to Turn Your Kid Into a Math Wiz!

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Math is one of the hardest subjects for most kids. Thankfully, there are several tools available online to help your children sharpen their mathematical skills. From apps to games and websites, there are a variety of math learning tools. Here is a curated collection of math apps for children.

Math Apps for Kids Age 4-8

1. Math Games for Kids – Kids Math

This award-winning app is one of the best mathematical tools for young kids. This educational math app is suitable for kindergartners, preschoolers, and young kids who are just learning numbers. The app uses cute animated characters like giraffes and dinos to teach kids how to count and identity numbers. Kids can also learn basic addition and subtraction with this app.

2. Little Panda Math Genius

Little Panda Math Genius is a fun app that makes math an exciting subject for young kids. The colourful graphics coupled with exciting challenges make this game entertaining and educational. Kids get coins when they complete challenges, giving them a sense of achievement. The app not only improves kid’s mathematical skills but also enhances their problem-solving abilities.

3. Toon Math

Looking for a math app for your cartoon-loving child? Toon Math is what you need. This monster math game takes your kids on an adventurous journey where they finish challenges by solving simple math problems. The addictive gameplay will keep your kids on their toes while they solve basic and complicated math puzzles.

4. Math Racing Games

Speed up your child’s learning process with Math Racing. This fun app lets your child learn fundamental math with entertaining racing games. Kids can unlock new flashy cars by passing levels. This is the perfect math game for kids who love cars and racing games.

5. Math Jumps

Math Jumps is an intriguing monster game that lets kids go on little adventures and practice math. The games contain puzzles involving basic math functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and more. The levels get harder as it progresses and every level not only tests your math skills but also your speed. The game has unique characters and kids can unlock new cute characters as they pass levels.

Math Apps for Kids Above 8 years

1. Math Doors

Math Doors is a puzzle and riddle game that lets you enhance your mathematics knowledge. This free math game consists of 300 puzzles with a detailed explanation for every puzzle. The app is suitable for older kids and teenagers. The game not only helps you learn maths but also improves your logic and problem-solving skills.

2. Quick Brain Math

Quick Brain Math consists of a series of games based on principles of cognitive psychology. The app consists of over 2000 games with different size and speed levels. The multiplayer arena lets your kids compete with their friends in solving unique math puzzles. The app trains your child’s brain to be quicker and work more efficiently.

3. Math Riddles

Looking for a way to help your child level up their IQ? Math Riddles is your best bet. This app lets your child make the best use of their free time by practicing their mathematical skills. The game consists of numerous math puzzles that help expand your brain. The puzzles also come with hints in case your child has trouble solving them.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a learning platform where kids can learn everything from math to science. This popular learning website and app consist of puzzles, instructional videos, and games that improve one’s mathematical skills.

5. Hard Math Game

Hard Math game is perfect for those who love challenges. This game helps teenagers and young adults understand advanced mathematical concepts with ease. The app has over 120 handcrafted levels and you receive stars every time you complete a level.

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