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Gone are the days when one had to join English-speaking classes to learn the language. With the advent of technology, one can perfect any language they want on their compact gadgets, even kids! There are several apps and games in the market that teach English to kids through fun and innovative methods. We bring to you a collection of the best English learning app for kids of all ages.

English Learning Apps for Kids Ages 5 to 10

1. English Vocabulary Children – ABC Spelling

english learning app for kids

ABC Spelling is a kid spelling app aimed to help them learn words and improve their vocabulary. This fun app comes with a colourful interface with interesting and friendly creatures. The game helps children in learning simple spellings by sounding them out and associating them with pictures. The game has different modes to keep your kids on their toes as they learn.

2. Best English Learning App for Kids – LingoKids

english learning app for kids

LingoKids is an ad-free kid-friendly app that lets you teach your child new words every day. With this play learning app, kids can learn over 3000 words from 72 topics including colours, shapes, animals, food, and more. It also offers audiobooks and songs which will help improve their English vocabulary. Colourful animated characters keep your kids company as they learn.

3. English Learning App for Kids – Chick-Learn English

english learning app for kids

If there is one English learning app that kids can’t say no to, it’s Chick. This educational app offers the kids to learn English with the aid of entertaining pictures and illustrations. The app is suitable for kids as young as 3 years old. From verbs to countries and weather, kids can learn words related to numerous topics. The app not only helps your child learn the language but also helps improve their memory.

4. English Learning for Kids App – Duolingo

english learning app for kids

This is one of the most popular language-learning apps for kids and adults alike. The app helps the user learn a new language through mini-lessons. These lessons are simple, straightforward, and efficient in teaching basic and advanced English. You start with simple words and then move on to phrases and sentences respectively. This app is perfect for both beginners and those who have a basic knowledge of the language.

5. Best English Learning for Kids – Early Learn

english learning app for kids

Early Learn teaches kids the alphabet, words, phrases, and sentences in a fun and interesting manner. The preschool English learning app makes for available addition to your kid’s learning tools set. The colourful app is equipped with alluring graphics, animations, and fun sounds to make learning English anything but a boring experience for toddlers and preschool kids.

English Learning Apps for Kids Above 10

1. Grammaropolis

english learning app for kids

Grammaropolis uses innovative characters to educate kids on English grammar. Kids can learn and explore various parts of speech like verbs, nouns, adverbs, and more through interactive videos and quizzes. The catchy songs help your child remember what they learn. Grammaropolis is suitable for kids who have a basic knowledge of the language. The app is available on the Apple play store.

2. Best App for Child to Learn English – Knudge Me

english learning app for kids

This award-winning app is the perfect tool to teach kids about the intricacies of the English language. Knudge.Me help older kids practice and learn idioms, and phrases, and improve their vocabulary. The app uses bite-sized lessons and visual flashcards to make the learning process easy and fun. The app has over 6 detailed English learning courses.

3. Improve Vocabulary App – WordUp Vocabulary

english learning app for kids

WordUp offers you a unique way to learn English. The app uses popular examples from movies, songs, and famous phrases to teach you English. The app’s unconventional method of learning is effective and suitable for kids of all ages. The app is also perfect for those prepping for IELTS and TOEFL exams.

4. Rosetta Stone

english learning app for kids

Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular language-learning apps for kids and adults. The app’s dynamic immersion method helps you perfect a language in a short duration. The app not only helps you learn words and phrases but also focuses on pronunciation. This is the perfect app for kids who want to learn how to speak English confidently.


What is the best app for learning English?

There are some good apps for learning English. Some of these are ABC Spelling, LingoKids, Chick – Learn English, Duolingo, Early Learn, Grammaropolis, Knudge Me, WordUp, and Rosetta Stone.

How can I learn to speak English at home?

There are a few good apps to learn and speak English at home. These are WordUp, Rosetta Stone, and Grammaropolis.


These English learning apps can push your vocabulary, reading and spelling skills to new heights pretty easily. Some of them are even helpful for developing your understanding of grammar. But without a decent amount of practice in conversation with an English speaker, it’s quite difficult to draw new skills together.

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