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8 Science Apps For Kids That Do Not Disappoint!

science apps for kids

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Science is an interesting subject in itself and with the right learning tool, it can be fascinating! We bring to you a collection of science apps for kids that will not only teach them about science but also let them conduct their own experiments! Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Science Experiments in School Lab

This fun app will turn your kids into little scientists. Science Experiments in School Lab by Rolling Panda Arts is an educational app for young kids. This app offers kids their personal virtual learning lab where they can conduct physics and chemistry experiments. From generating electricity with a potato to making an electromagnet from scratch, the experiments are unique and fun. Kids can also be alchemists and make their own compounds as they progress in the game.

2. Play and Learn Science

As the name suggests, this app lets your child learn about science with simple games. This kid’s app lets your child conduct experiments, control the weather, build their own effective umbrella, and more with fun games. The app offers over 15 science-based games for kids in addition to other fun activities and family games. The bilingual setting in Spanish is perfect for kids who want to learn and practice Spanish.

3. Max and Ruby Science Educational Games

Looking for a science app to educate your child before they start school? You will love Max and Ruby Science Educational games.  Two bunny siblings from the popular kids series Max and Ruby teach kids about physical science through narrative videos. Designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers, this app teaches the basics of science with fun and colourful gameplay. This is one of the best science apps for young kids out there.

4. Science: What’s & Why’s

This educational kids app brings the answers to some of the most popular questions. This app helps understand the science behind common objects your kids see in their daily life. From the working of a car to the history behind the formation of stars, the app helps understand the science behind popular events and objects. The terminology used is simple enough for kids to understand and has topics from over 6 subjects.

5. STEM Buddies

STEM Buddies is a wonderful world where 4 interesting characters hang out by a treehouse and learn about science. The app utilities the power of storytelling, animations, and amusing activities to teach kids about basic science. From interactive videos to puzzles and games, the app offers a variety of science learning tools.

6. Astronomy for Kids Space Game

Let your children explore the vast solar system through this fun app. Astronomy for Kids Space Game takes your kids on a virtual tour around the stars and planets. It teaches them about their home planet through captivating videos and movies. Kids can also play astronomical games and test their knowledge about the solar system with fun quizzes. This is one of the best apps for kids who want to learn about space and astronomy.

7. Kids Learning Tube

Kids Learning tube takes the aid of colourful videos, characters, and music to teach kids about various science subjects. This app is akin to a kid’s television channel but educational and interesting. The app offers a plethora of different learning tools under the same platform. It has videos covering the solar system, basic chemistry, and even the human anatomy!

8. TerraGenesis – Space Settlers

This app will have both kids and adults captivated with its amazing graphics and gameplay. This app lets you use real science from NASA to cultivate life on planets. The app lets you build worlds, explore planets, and learn about astronomy. This challenging and unique game will entertain and educate you like no other.

Which one of these apps would you love to introduce to your kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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