8 Life-Changing Lessons Kids Can Learn From Anne Frank!

The Diary of Anne Frank or The Diary of a Young Girl is one of the most popular books in the world. This book gives insight into the life of 13-year-old Anne Frank when she was hiding from the German occupation during the second world war. The book is filled with hope, dreams, and thought-provoking lessons. We bring to you 8 life lessons for kids from Anne Frank’s diary:

Life-Changing Lessons Kids

1. Never give up

Anne Frank is a great motivator to anyone who is facing a tough time in their lives. Despite her dire situation, she never gave up. In her diary, Frank talks about the difficulties of dreaming of a better future considering the bleak situation she is in. Nonetheless, she perseveres and does not abandon her ideals or dreams. This is a great motivator to kids and teaches them to chase after what they believe despite hurdles and failures.

2. You decide who you are

In her diary, Frank talks about the importance of being your own person. She believes that while parents, guardians, friends, and family can influence your character, at the end of the day, it all lies in your hands. The things you choose to do and say are a reflection of your character and you always have the power to change for better.

3. Kindness goes a long way

No one probably knew the importance and necessity of being kind like Anne Frank did. Frank knew what it felt to be deprived of kindness and stresses the importance of it in her diary. She states that the most powerful weapon you can possess is kindness. A little kindness to one another can bring about transformative changes in the world.

4. Nature heals

This is one of the best takeaways from Frank’s diary. She talks about how nature is one of the best solutions to the common problems faced by people. Be it loneliness, unhappiness, or just a fear of the unknown, a little time with nature can heal it all. Spending time in nature not only helps you connect with yourself but it also helps you view life in a better light.

5. Invest in memories, not material things

Frank talks about how she prefers memories over dresses. Maybe it is the fact that she faced so much hardship at a young age or that she didn’t get a chance to make any memories, material things just do not mean as much to Frank. This message is important now more than ever for young kids who prefer spending on the latest gadget than spend time with their loved ones.

6. Find the beauty in simple things

Often in life, we fail to appreciate the things that truly matter in our pursuit of bigger things. Frank talks about how she does not think about all the misery in her life but tries to focus on the simple and beautiful things that surround her. She stresses the importance of finding happiness in the small things as you cannot build your dreams on negative feelings.

7. Writing can be therapeutic

Words truly have the power to change the world and Anne Frank’s diary is proof of that. But to an individual, writing can also be therapeutic. In the hardest time of her life, the one thing that brought solace to Frank was writing in her diary. Writing gives you an outlet to vent your frustration and feelings in the safest way. Teaching your kids the habit of writing early can help them be in control of their life and feelings at a young age.

8. Hope is powerful

Anne Frank lost a lot in her life but she held on to one dear thing till the end- hope. It is because she was hopeful, she managed to keep going on. Hope is a beautiful thing that can pave the path towards the light even in your darkest times. 

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