8 Amazing Facts About AI That Might Surprise You

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Artificial Intelligence has been receiving a huge amount of recognition in the past years. The term AI is constantly being used, but the reality is that not everyone actually understands what it is.

If you have ever searched for a movie on Netflix or asked Alexa the temperature, you have interacted with AI. Originally coined by John McCarthy in 1955, AI is a machine with the ability to solve problems, which usually are performed by humans using our natural intelligence. 

AI is used to build agents or robots, which can replicate human behaviour and make decisions on our behalf. The kids can try their hands at robots by learning many amazing aspects in the Artificial Intelligence course. We bring you some of the most amazing facts about AI.

Amazing Facts About AI

So, now that we know what AI is, here are some amazing facts about AI.

1. AI is not new

Even though many of us are hearing about AI in recent years, AI goes way back to the 1950s. Alan Turing is crowned as the father of AI. Back in the day, he invested in a test based on natural language conversation with a machine.

2. AI Pets Exists

Most of us love keeping animal pets. Real pets need to be taken care of, such as feeding and cleaning them up, and moreover, they die.  AI pets will be robots that look, feel, and act like real animals but eliminate such issues faced by owners.

AI pets are a new classification of neural network animals which you can pet. With pet bots, you can run errands while having funny conversations and still without bothering about the health of your lovely pet.

Not a dream! It’s actually coming for us in 2025.

3. Most AI Bots are Female

Studies show that most of the population prefer the sound of a female voice over a male voice. It is because if you ask voice assistants like Alexa, Siri a question, you will be answered by a pleasant and polite woman’s voice.

4. AI can heal itself!

Wouldn’t it be much better if robots could repair themselves and we didn’t spend so much time looking for the right service company? The development of AI has enabled robots’ automatic self-repair. It’s not that they understand they are broken, but they can figure out that something is wrong with their performance and easily troubleshoot themselves in case of need.

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5. AI has nationalities and passports

Sophia, a lifelike humanoid, has obtained guaranteed citizenship in Saudi Arabia. It has brought controversy as people wonder and question whether or not robots should have such rights.

6. AI can read your mind

In an interesting study, scientists at the University of California headed by Joseph Makin have revealed that AI is able to read thoughts based on brain activity. With a limited vocabulary of 250 words, AI has been able to translate thoughts in our minds into sentences. Deep learning algorithms were used to for AI deduce what is happening in the brain and understanding the signals.

This could prove particularly beneficial for individuals that have speech trouble due to paralysis or any other reason. By putting their thoughts into sentences with AI, they will be able to communicate better.

7. Products you buy are being suggested to you by AI

Retail companies like Amazon are using AI to recommend products to customers on their e-commerce platforms. Beyond that, AI help’s it determine which deals to offer and when, and influences many aspects of the businesses.

8. Even CPUs have AI

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has created a processor that works with the help of AI, called the Tensor Processing Unit (TPU). It is designed to make its advertising, search, Gmail, Google Photos, and other services smarter.

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