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7 Guaranteed Ways to Motivate your Child to do Well in Studies


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Geeting their kids to study for a few minutes without getting distracted is a common struggle for most parents. Lecturing your kid into studying rarely works. So how do you motivate your kids to study when they’d rather be playing video games?

Ways to Motivate Your Child to do Well in Studies

We bring to you 7 surefire ways to motivate your child to do well in studies. Read on!

1. Establish a Study Plan

Children need structure in their life. A well-planned study schedule helps your child stay dedicated to their studies. Sit with your child and draft a study plan that works for them. Make a fun study timetable with breaks in between so that your kid does not feel too stressed out. Here are some key things to focus on while drafting a schedule:

  • Set aside time to do homework.
  • Set a time to revise the day’s lessons.
  • Set small breaks between each task.
  • Spare some time to work on their weakest subjects.
Ways to Motivate your Child to do Well in Studies

2. Set Small Goals

Setting goals is the first step towards success. Setting goals gives a sense of direction and helps them stay motivated. These goals do not have to be monumental, something as simple as finishing their homework on time every day can be a goal. Achieving these goals gives your kids a sense of accomplishment and boosts their confidence. This also helps your kid set bigger goals in the future and gives them a clear picture of what they want.

Ways to Motivate your Child to do Well in Studies

3. Create a Cohesive Study Environment

Kids do not need much to get distracted. The faint sound of family members chatting away in the next room is enough to deter them from studying. It is important for your child to have a quiet environment for studying. Ensure that the rest of the family members respect the child’s schedule and take care of not causing any distractions during their study time. Here are some ways to create the perfect study atmosphere:

  • Ensure your kids have a private and quiet space to study.
  • Avoid loud noises in the house during study hours, be it the TV or kitchen appliances.
  • Ensure that your child has all their study materials close at hand.

4. Encourage Communication

Keep an open line of communication with your child. Make them feel comfortable enough to talk to you about their struggles and ideas. Letting your kids voice their feelings and opinions not only helps you understand them better but also builds trust. This can also give you an insight into why your kids might be struggling with certain aspects of their studies and how to fix them. Ensure your kids know that they can always come to you for support.

5. Introduce Different Learning Styles

Everyone has a different learning style. It is important to understand your kid’s learning styles to help them study better. While some children learn better through visual learning, others thrive when they learn through activities. Explore the different fundamental kids learning styles and find out what works best for your kid.

6. Let Them Learn From Failure

A common mistake most parents make is that they teach their kids to be afraid of failure. Failures are a part of life and it is important your kids know that. Instead of rebuking your kids when they fail, use it as an opportunity to teach them. Let them embrace their mistakes and learn from them rather than being deterred by their failures.

7. Celebrate Achievements

Everyone likes to be appreciated and acknowledged. It is important to recognize your kids’ achievements and reward them. Affirmations work wonders and really motivates a kid to do better. Instead of celebrating just results, start celebrating efforts and hard work. Reward them for doing their best regardless of the results. This will not only motivate them to do better but also increase their confidence.

The key to motivating your kids to study better lies in making study time a pleasant and stress-free experience. These are some of our top tips on how to motivate your kids to study better. How do you motivate your kids to study? Let us know in the comments below!

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