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7 Effective Tips to Keep Your Child Engaged During Lockdown

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Due to Covid19 pandemic measures have been imposed across the globe. People around the globe are passing through a phase of uncertainty due to lockdown. It is especially weighing down upon the parents making parenting a challenging task. Millions all over the world are placed amidst the multiple pressures of work, childcare, and education within the boundaries of their homes.

Tips to Keep Your Child Engaged During Lockdown

Kids are a bundle of energy and with excessive free time and no schedule, this energy could be explosive. This makes it difficult to channelize the energy of their children in a constructive way. In this testing time, we’d like to share some ideas to help you get this time positive.

1. Ensure Children Follow a Routine

Remember that lockdown is not a vacation. It’s not the time for disorderly living. The energy of your child can be channelized in a constructive manner if they follow a routine. Follow a regular schedule of getting up, eating, other activities, and sleeping. 

Tips to Keep Your Child Engaged During Lockdown

Let children prepare a timetable on their own and the parents make the approve. Make sure that your child has enough time in activities like learning, playtime, and reading.

2. Help Children Continue Learning

Apart from their school curriculum children can learn lots of new things from external resources. Nowadays there are many educational sites and apps available that provide various tools to make learning fun and interesting.

Introduce your child to these platforms to keep them engaged during the lockdown period. Help your child to acquire new skills of her/his interest like coding, designing, web development, app and game development, etc. There are many such good platforms available.

3. Stay in Touch with Children’s School

During this period of lockdown, maintain communication with your children’s school. Having a good rapport with your child’s school is very important so that you stay informed. Participate regularly in parent-teacher meetings organized by schools. Find out the best ways to keep in touch with school and teachers.

Participate in parenting forums. If you do not have access to any such, create such an initiative with friends of your children’s parents. Such forums or groups will help you get and share useful tips regarding parenting among members. 

In fact, these communities will be a great source of information during these tough times!

4. Develop Children’s Interest in Books

Reading is an essential skill child must learn in order to become successful at school. Because reading is required to understand most other topics. Most of a child’s learning is done from reading the writing on a blackboard or in books, magazines, and workbooks from the teacher.

Use this lockdown period to develop a habit of reading among your children. For younger children, you can read the books aloud to them. 

Many online publishers/libraries offer free access to millions of e-books and bestsellers.

5. Keep Children Active and Busy

Physical activity is important for your child’s health and well-being. Due to lockdown, athletic and recreation activities enjoyed by children have been shuttered. However, there is plenty of fun and creative ways to keep moving our bodies while we spend more time at home.

There are many things you can do at home as a family to stay active and have fun, including keeping them active with chores and helping out in family activities such as cooking and cleaning.

6. Keep Children Safe Online

Children and adults alike have endless opportunities on digital platforms to learn, entertain and stay in touch with friends. Nevertheless, increased online activities also mean higher risks to children’s safety, protection and privacy. 

Create some rules on how, when, and why the Internet can be used and share those rules with your children. Sit with your children and thoroughly explain the reason why it is good to abide by those rules. Wherever you feel it is appropriate and necessary, do not forget to implement parental controls.

7. Talk, Talk and Talk

Talking and listening to children does lots of important things. It improves your bond with them and encourages them to listen to you. It helps them to form relationships and to build self-esteem. You can catch up on the lost time during the lockdown.

Remove the inhibitions and reservations in your children and encourage them to ask questions. Make them feel comfortable enough to express their feelings. 

Different children react to stress in different ways. Talk to your child about how to handle stress, talk to them about their daily schedule, their friends, their best moments, can give them practical tips about life, etc. 

Take this time as your family time and make maximum use of it!

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