5 Best JavaScript Editors For Kids

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For kids who are new to JavaScript and feeling overwhelmed, but finding difficulty in writing code, then using a good editor can really make JavaScript easier to handle.

A text editor is software that helps you write plain text (without any formatting such as bold, italics, colour, etc.) and save it to a file. The most common text editor is the Notepad editor available with Windows. 

JavaScript Editors For Kids

Not all text editors are great for programming like the mentioned Notepad, since it does nothing to ease or automate the editing of source code.  There are some text editors that are designed especially for writing and editing source code. These are called code editors. A good text editor (code editor) helps you save a lot of time in writing code. 

If you’re just starting your coding in JavaScript, you need to choose an editor that supports you as a beginner. Apart from Notepad++, there are many other good editors available that make coding fun and easy to learn. . In this article we bring you the 5 best JavaScript editors.’

1. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is also an open-source JavaScript editor. It’s cross-platform, which offers a lot of room for customizing. It is very user-friendly as the interface is free of any clutter.

JavaScript Editors For Kids

Some of its great features include an impressive speed boost and improved pane management. Setting up everything can take some time initially. But once done, Sublime Text is sure to provide a smooth experience. There are some very good plugins that you can install such as DocBlockr, SideBar Enhancements, JsFormat, and SublimeLinter. Apart from these, Go to Symbol and Go to Definition are some good features available.

2. Visual Studio Code

If we were to talk about the best IDE for JavaScript development, Visual Studio (VS) Code is the first thing that comes to mind for many. It’s an open-source editor available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

IntelliSense feature enables automatic completions while use is coding in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or PHP. Moreover, there is another feature called refactoring. This helps in reconstructing your code while not modifying the runtime behaviour.

JavaScript Editors For Kids

It has a feature called peek. This feature allows you to expand a function in-line and take a look at the code instead of directly navigating in the line where the function is defined.

Task Runner is another great feature that VS Code offers. It enables the use of Gulp, Grunt, or MSBuild for tasks related to the setup.

The built-in Git support allows you to run commands like publish, commit, push, pull, and rebase. Apart from that, you can customize and extend VS Code with additional features and plugins.

3. Brackets

Brackets is also an open-source code editor. This lightweight and fast JavaScript editor offer built-in support. Brackets is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

Some of the notable features of Brackets is Function Finding and quick project switching. With the help of these features, the users can search for different project files while typing in real-time. Another feature is Extract that converts details from PSD into CSS.

JavaScript Editors For Kids

One of the best features that Brackets flaunts is Live Preview. You can see how any changes in the code are working in real-time. 

You can also enhance the ability of this editor by installing plugins. Some useful ones include Autoprefixer, code-folding, Markdown Preview, Smart Highlighting, and Snippets.

4. Atom

Atom is one of the most popular source code editors used for JavaScript development. It is very flexible and highly customizable. A cross-platform tool, Atom is easy to install, offers a significant speed gain, and is completely free to use. The editor is available for multiple operating systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux.

The basis of Atom is Electron. Electron is a framework to build cross-platform apps for desktop with JavaScript. Smart code completion is inherent to Atom, which also boasts an intuitive file system browser. There are also several User Interfaces and syntax themes available.

JavaScript Editors For Kids

Atom facilitates the easy integration of GitHub and Git control. Atom has an inbuilt package manager that simplifies searching available packages and installing them on priority. Besides this, Atom has a feature called fuzzy finder. Fuzzy finder makes you work faster by enabling instant switching of files.

The ability of Atom can be extended by means of adding packages, such as the Auto-Close HTML tags, Minimap, and Linter.

5. WebStorm

WebStorm is undoubtedly the ace among the top IDEs for web development using JavaScript. It is a super lightweight and user-friendly IDE designed to create state-of-the-art web applications.

It supports a stack of technologies ranging from JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular, and Node.JS. It also offers Code completion, Smart navigation, On fly error discovery, and Code refactoring in all the above languages.

JavaScript Editors For Kids

The next most important feature is its inbuilt debugger which you can use for stepping into your client-side code. You can play it within Chrome and debug your code, add breakpoints, and evaluate expressions.

What’s your favourite text editor for JavaScript coding? If you prefer one that we didn’t mention, let us know which one makes your case! Share with us in a comment below.

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