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25 Online Resources to Help Your Child Learn Maths


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Finding educational math websites for children is not a piece of cake. That’s why we are here to help you out! We bring to you the 25 best math websites to help your child learn maths. These online math resources are designed to make learning math a fun and enjoyable experience. Let’s dive into it!

Best Math Websites

1. Fun Brain

Age: 3 to 13 years

Fun Brain is an online math website for kids that helps kids understand basic math through fun and interactive games. This website is effective in teaching core mathematical concepts in a way that kids understand. The website also offers reading material and animated educational videos on various subjects.

best math websites

2. Early Math Counts

Age: 2 to 6 years

Early Math Counts encourages the development of math skills in kids at an early stage. The website offers math learning material for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. This kid’s math website not only offers math lessons and videos but also educates parents on setting up a math-rich environment for their infants. You can also find links to various other online math resources for kids on this website.

best math websites

3. BrainPOP

Age: 5 to 14 years

BrainPOP is an absolute boon to kids. This website makes learning fun, interesting, and easy for kids of all ages. BrainPOP has a math section where kids can learn various math topics including but not limited to Algebra, Ratio, Practical Math, Geometry, Probability, Numbers and Operations, and more. Every topic comes with learning material, educational movies/videos, quizzes, games, and challenges. BrainPOP is an excellent tool. 

best math websites

4. Math Is Fun

Age: 4 to 13 years

True to its name, Math Is Fun does make learning math a fun experience for kids. This kid’s math website offers lessons on various topics of math from Geometry to Calculus. The website also offers a plethora of fun puzzles which adds a fun element to the learning experience. Kids can also test their math skills with the worksheets available on the website.

CodingHero - 25 Online Resources to Help Your Child Learn Maths MathIsFun

5. ABCya

Age: 3 to 12 years

ABCya is a colourful interactive website designed to educate kids from kindergarten to Grade 6. The website offers math games based on a wide range of mathematical topics segregated according to the age of the learner. These mathematical games are fun, challenging, and helps hone your kid’s math skills. In addition to online math games, you can also find games on topics such as social science, science, arts, and music.

CodingHero - 25 Online Resources to Help Your Child Learn Maths ABCya

6. Mathsnacks

Age: 10 years and above

Mathsnacks dishes out some delicious math knowledge for older kids. The website has fun games, educational videos, animation, and other interactive tools effective in teaching older kids the basics of advanced mathematics. This website is available in Spanish and English. Mathsnacks has a simple and straightforward interface, but it gets the job done.

CodingHero - 25 Online Resources to Help Your Child Learn Maths MathSnacks

7. AAA Math

Age: 4 to 12 years

AAA Math is a no-fuss website designed to help kids improve their math skills from the comfort of their homes. AAA Math offers math lessons for kids from kindergarten to Grade 8. This free website offers a wide range of lessons and unlimited practice sessions for each mathematical topic. You can choose to learn either by Grade or by topic, the choice is yours.

CodingHero - 25 Online Resources to Help Your Child Learn Maths AAAMath

8. Art of Problem Solving

Age: 8 to 17 years

Art of Problem Solving or AoPS is a math website for kids where that offers lessons on Pre-Algebra and Algebra. The website helps kids learn through educational videos. The videos are precise and every topic is explained step-by-step. It also consists of math forums where kids can discuss lessons and learn from each other. It also offers online math courses that students can enroll in.

CodingHero - 25 Online Resources to Help Your Child Learn Maths AOPS

9. Matific

Age: 6 to 11 years

Matific is an online educational website that offers mathematical games and learning activities. This kids’ digital math platform is designed by educational experts aimed to make learning easy for kids. The website offers fun videos and games and encourages hands-on learning. The lessons can also be accessed offline and are available in 40+ languages to ensure it is accessible for everyone.

best math websites

10. Hooda Math

Age: 5 to 14 years

Hooda Math is another Online math game website that helps kids learn and practice math through fun games. There are math games available for a variety of subjects including multiplication, Integers, and Algebra. The colourful animations and storylines make these games an absolutely fun experience. If your kids love playing games, they will love learning through Hooda Math.

best math websites

11. Arcademics

Age: 6 to 14 years

Arcademics sure knows how to make learning math fuss-free and enjoyable. Arcademics is an online math website for kids that enables kids to learn the basics of various math subjects through fun games. You can choose to play games either by the grade or the subject. The best part about Arcademics is that it is also available on google play store and apple store.

CodingHero - 25 Online Resources to Help Your Child Learn Maths Arcademics

12. Manga High

Age: 5 to 12 years

Manga High is a comprehensive educational platform that helps kids build on their mathematical skills. The website offers free math games for kids but it also offers paid math courses for those who want to learn more. These math courses are really helpful if you want to teach your kids the basics of mathematics at home. It comes with all the necessary tools that will help educate, assess, and test your kids on maths.

best math websites

13. SplashLearn

Age: 3 to 12 years

SplashLearn is an excellent online platform geared towards helping parents teach math to their kids. This free website offers a vast curriculum for kids from kindergarten to Grade 5. Parents can teach their kids the necessary mathematical skills with much ease with simple lessons. SplashLearn is available on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices.

best math websites

14. Mathdoku

Age: 13 years and up

If your kids are keen on staying on their phones, let them learn math while they are at it. Mathdoku is a fun mobile application that helps kids learn math through puzzles. This sudoku game with a mathematical twist is fun and easy. This game not only sharpens your kid’s mathematical skills but keeps them alert and helps them focus better. The app is available on Android devices.

best math websites

15. Kids Math Games

Age: 5 to 9 years

Kids Math Games Online is a simple and fun website that encourages kids to learn mathematics through fun games. The website offers a wide range of games on different math topics from Counting to Probability. It also has a plethora of other fun activities, puzzles, quizzes, videos, and worksheets that help your tiny tots hone their mathematical skills.

16. Operation Math

Age: 4 to 8 years

Operation App is a mobile game designed for younger kids. This mobile game is designed to enable kids to learn the basics of mathematics such as addition, subtraction, and more through missions that they have to get through as a super agent. This award-winning spy game with exciting missions helps train your kids on the basics of math. The game is available on Google Play and the Apple store.

17. Multiplication.com

Age: 5 to 13 years

Does your child struggle with essential math skills? Then Multiplication.com is a blessing for you and your kids. This math website has a wide range of games on topics like multiplication, addition, division, and subtraction. In addition to games, the website also offers math fact videos and other learning resources.

best math websites

18. Wolfram MathWorld

Age: Above 8 years

Wolfram MathWorld boasts to be the web’s most extensive mathematics resource. This website consists of a wide range of information on every math subject from definitions to examples. New entries are added every day and the information is quite extensive. The detailed learning resources on various math topics make this a very useful platform for kids.

best math websites

19. Math Pickle

Age: 5 to 15 years

Math Pickle is an online math website for kids. The website offers a variety of fun and interactive math puzzles and games for kids of all ages. These puzzles are also aimed to improve children’s problem-solving skills and speed. It also consists of fun games that use math to cross levels.

20. HippoCampus

Age: Above 8 years

HippoCampus is an online educational website for kids that offers math lessons on advanced math topics such as trigonometry and statistics. These lessons are designed to make students understand the tough topics in an easy manner. HippoCampus is free to use for everyone and also contains lessons on other subjects.

best math websites


Age: Above 9 years

SMILE is an online learning resource for older kids. Hosted by the Illinois Institute of Technology, this website has a vast collection of math learning resources. There is a wide range of puzzles and interesting activities on simple and advanced math topics. The website is simple, non-cluttered, and focuses on learning through straightforward methods.

22. Quizlet

Age: 6 to 14 years

Quizlet is an interactive learning website that hosts learning resources on several subjects including Mathematics. This colourful website has quizzes, games, and other learning tools. Kids can learn math topics through flashcards, tests, and study guides. From arithmetic to applied math, you can find a variety of math topics here.

best math websites

23. Math TV

Age: Above 9 years

We guarantee that you wouldn’t mind your child spending time on Math TV. This online website offers educational videos from basic math to calculus. These videos are well designed and deliver the necessary information in an interesting and easy-to-understand manner. The website also offers some videos on study skills.

best math websites

24. Khan Academy

Age: 7 to 15 years

Khan Academy is one of the most popular online learning resources for children. Khan Academy is a sophisticated platform that offers numerous educational videos on various math topics. It is free to use and kids can even test their skills with specially designed quizzes.

best math websites

25. Mathletics

Age: All ages

Mathletics is a comprehensive educational website for children of all ages. The website is aimed to help parents educate kids on math subjects from the comfort of their homes. The website has an interesting curriculum and even offers a free trial for 48 hours.

best math websites

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