How Do Gears Work?

How Do Gears Work

It’s not a very common thing to find someone who doesn’t know what a gear is. They’re everywhere in the world, on everything from bikes to buses, and have been for generations. Here we’ll take a closer look at exactly what a gear is, how it’s made, and how it works. What is a Gear? … Read more

Chess End Games (With Examples)

Chess Endgame

Endgames in chess can be very complex and intimidating for beginners. But, the truth is that there are many different types of chess endgame and mastering them all is not necessary. Just learning the basics of a few of the basic endgames will put you one step ahead of other chess players. The principles of … Read more

Types of Chess Checkmate

chess checkmate

Chess is a board strategy game played by two players on a chessboard. The game is very famous all around the world and is played by people of all ages. The principal purpose of the game is to “checkmate” the opponent by capturing his/her king in an inescapable way. In addition to checkmate, the game … Read more

Synthetic Division (With Steps & Examples)

Synthetic Division

There are several ways to divide a polynomial by another. The most basic way to do it is by using long division. But long division is very lengthy and time consuming. Especially for higher degree polynomials, long division take pretty long time to get a quotient and remainder. Synthetic Division is easy, fast and very … Read more

Number Systems Used in Computers

octal number system

Computers interpret numbers differently from humans and thus require a different number system altogether. Whenever we type something on a device, those letters convert into certain numbers which only the computer can understand.  Since computers understand the language of switch ON (1) and switch OFF (0), the binary number system is the most commonly used … Read more