The Most Common Chess Openings

Chess Openings

A game of chess is divided into three distinct phases, known as the Opening, the Middlegame, and the Endgame, each of which has its own strategies. There are many chess openings to be aware of. Some are too straightforward to survive, while others provide a lot of good opportunities. These advantages and openings are nothing … Read more

20 Most Famous Women Chess Grandmasters

Woman Grandmaster

Chess is often seen as a game that requires great intelligence and skill. While this is true, you can see that there have been many women who have excelled at this game. Here we will examine some of these women and see how they have become some of the most famous women chess grandmasters. Let’s … Read more

Immortal Animals – 10 Animals Who Defy Death

Immortal Animals

From time immemorial, we humans have thought and tried many things in order to attain immortality. This endeavor includes the search for the so-called “Fountain of Youth” and even freezing cadavers in the hope of preserving and bringing them to life in the future. Do you know, there are already many existing plant and animal … Read more

20 Most Famous Chess Grandmasters


Chess is a fascinating game and there are many stories and personalities behind the game. Many people are familiar with the name Bobby Fischer, the American Grandmaster. Grandmaster is the highest title a chess player can achieve. The life of a grandmaster is difficult. Not only do they have to spend countless hours training and … Read more

Polarization of Light

Polarization of Light

Understanding and manipulating the polarization of light is crucial for many optical applications. Optical design frequently focuses on the wavelength and intensity of light, while neglecting its polarization. Polarization, however, is an important property of light that affects even those optical systems that do not explicitly measure it.  The polarization of light affects the focus … Read more