12 Best Newspapers And Magazines For Kids

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Isn’t it wonderful to develop a reading habit in kids? Reading builds intellect, stimulates learning, arouses curiosity, and keeps them engaged for hours on end. If your kid doesn’t like to read books, then these children’s magazines are a perfect option. 

These interesting kids newspaper and magazines will slowly entice kids to develop a passion for reading. It’s never too late to begin. Find a newspaper or a magazine that your kid will enjoy and subscribe today.

Best Kids Newspaper

Here we are sharing the 5 best and most reputed kids newspaper.

1. Newspaper for Kids – Young World

Ideal Age5 years+
Cost ₹349 Annually
kids newspaper

Young World is the children’s supplement from The Hindu. Published on Fridays, the Young World newspaper offers children new ways to learn about science, history, entertainment, and many other topics. There are also challenging quizzes, arts and crafts, interactive games, and more.

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2. Kids Newspaper India -RobinAge

Ideal Age4 years+
Cost ₹1,550 Annually
kids newspaper

It has been created to encourage the habit of reading through content that is interactive, informative, positive, and engaging. RobinAge is one of the most loved kids newspaper India which carries news and information on current affairs, science, history, sports, careers, culture, and environment along with puzzles, activities, and interactive projects.

Each fortnightly edition comes with 20 pages of news and knowledge along with a  4-page Activity Sheet based on the newspaper and an 8-page Jr RobinAge supplement, which is filled with activity-based learning in English, maths, science, general knowledge, and values. Jr RobinAge also includes our beloved Each One Teach One Programme, which children can use to teach and learn basic English.

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3. Primary Plus

Ideal Age4 years+
Cost ₹1,550 Annually
kids newspaper

The next on our list of best children newspaper is Primary Plus. Primary Plus is a revolutionary activity-based paper meant to inculcate reading habits among children. The paper is designed to enrich the knowledge of Primary School children.

Primary Plus encourages students to think productively while simultaneously developing their thinking, reading, and self-confidence skills.

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4. Best Newspaper for Kids – Kids Age

Ideal Age3 years+
Cost ₹600 Annually
kids newspaper

Kids Age is one of the most best newspaper for kids and the widest-read monthly newspapers for children in Indian schools. It is a very popular kids newspaper and has more than 9 Lac subscribers.


Fun-filled activities like games, puzzles, stories, and interesting articles on mathematics and science are the main attractions of our nationally acclaimed newspaper. Moreover, it provides children with opportunities to get their work published and win prizes.

This newspaper is available in three segments based on age group.

  • Seedling (3-5 years)
  • Junior (6-7 years)
  • Senior (8-13 years)

Click here to subscribe to Kids Age.

5. News Paper for Kids – The Children’s Newspaper

Ideal Age3 years+
TypeThrice a week
Cost ₹2,380 Annually
kids newspaper

The Children’s Newspaper is a thrice-a-week newspaper. Each issue includes content related to current affairs, inspiring facts, stories, and much more.  It is also among the best newspapers for kids. The newspaper engagingly delivers age-appropriate content.

Click here to subscribe to The Children’s Newspaper.

Best Kids Magazines

Now let’s move on to the list of best children’s magazine.

1. Children’s Magazine Tinkle

Ideal Age5 years+
Cost ₹50 per issue
kids newspaper

This is one of the popular magazines – definitely a blast from the past. From Supandi to Tantri the Mantri, this magazine is a delight to all young & old. Grab one & get glued till you possibly want to read it all over again. They also host interesting quizzes and art contests, the readers can take part in them and win exciting prizes. 

Click here to subscribe to Tinkle.

2. Magic Pot

Ideal Age3 – 7 years
Cost ₹20 per issue
kids newspaper

It is never too early to introduce the habit of reading and MagicPot is among the best children’s magazines to do so. When your baby is 3 years old, he or she can associate morals with stories, thereby promoting reasoning. Numbers & alphabets which are newly introduced at playschool can help in relating to the content of the Children’s magazine. Puzzles & mazes make the reading interesting at every turn. Freebies like toys & stickers are a good way for kids hooked to subscribe to the magazine. You can also request a free sample.

Click to subscribe to MagicPot.

3. Kids Encyclopedia – Tell Me Why

Ideal Age7 years+
Cost ₹30 per issue
kids newspaper

Tell me why a magazine is like an encyclopedia, which details one topic completely every month. Dedicated experts answer questions about that particular field. With interesting illustrations, cartoons & facts, this magazine from Manorama Publications quenches the thirst of a curious mind.

Click here to subscribe to ‘Tell Me Why’.

4. Highlights Genies & Champs

Ideal Age2-6 Years (Genies)6-12 (Champs)
Cost ₹40 per issue
kids newspaper

Highlight champs is a US-based magazine that was welcomed in India a few years back. The remarkable content grips the attention of children & enlightens their minds. After all, reading stories with morals helps understand the nuances & take better decisions in life.

With high-quality paper & print, this magazine gives a premium finish. Every edition of the magazine announces a small cash prize for the winner of the painting competition. Well, can you ask for more? Click here to subscribe to Highlights Genies and Highlights Champs.

5. Oyla

Ideal Age8 Years+
Cost ₹100 per month or ₹1000 for an annual subscription
kids newspaper

We want our children to know history, learn many languages, understand mathematics and physics, conduct chemical experiments, and love all the diverse forms of life on Earth.

We want our children to know how to think!

Oyla does right that! From technology to sports, medicine to fantasy, this scientific magazine is designed for children and students as well as their parents. The focus and content of the magazine are based on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) concepts.

Learn about the amazing discoveries, the principles of the device of the universe, about the tasks over which the best minds of man were fighting, this is undoubtedly one of the Top 15 Children’s Magazines & Newspapers In India 2019.

Click here to subscribe to Oyla Magazine.

6. BBC Knowledge

Ideal Age7 Years+
Cost ₹125 per issue
kids newspaper

An absolutely enthralling read for kids was introduced when BBC joined hands with Times Of India. It is one of the most popular and informative in the category of kids newspaper and magazines. From science, technology, history & know-how of things, this magazine for kids is a must-buy. Priced at a premium to most other magazines, these are well-researched topics that are sure to uplift the IQ of your kids.

Click here to subscribe to BBC Knowledge.

7. Gokulam

Ideal Age7 Years+
Cost ₹15 per issue
kids newspaper

Another magazine that has ruled the hearts for ages is Gokulam. With a good mix of puzzles, stories, art & experiments, this child’s magazine makes it an interesting read. Gokulam is one of the oldest among the kids newspaper and magazines. It is available in Tamil & Hindi.

Click here to subscribe to Gokulam.


Which is the best kids newspaper?

RobinAge is one of the best kids newspaper that comes with a lot of kids’ related articles and material.

Which magazine is specially designed for children?

Highlights Champs is a magazine for 6-12-year-olds. In every issue, kids explore new topics, investigate cool subjects and find out more about the world we live in through stories, games, puzzles, riddles, jokes, experiments, science & craft projects, and interactive entertainment!

What is the first child magazine?

Lora Bandhu or Lora Bondhu was the first Children’s Magazine in the Assamese language. Lora Bandhu means Friend of Boys in English. The first Assamese Children’s magazine was edited by Karunabhiram Barooah. It came out first in the year 1888.


These were the 12 best newspapers and magazines for kids to read. Reading newspapers is a great way to develop reading ability in your child. Whether you are reading an English newspaper or a Hindi newspaper, reading it is sure to help your child get a command over the language.

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